Here’s What Personal Trainer & Mom Rachael Finch Eats in a Day to Feel Her Best

Rachael Finch is the creator of Body by Finch, an online health and fitness program—she’s also a model, certified health coach and personal trainer and mom of two. She’s a busy lady who manages to stay super fit, so we had to know how she does it. Here’s everything she eats in an average day—including a smoothie we want to recreate immediately.

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6:00 A.m.

“My son Dom is two, and he’s my human alarm most mornings. We have cuddles in bed, then go downstairs to start the day. The first thing that goes into my body every day is a tall glass of filtered water—sometimes with lemon—followed by probiotics, polyphenols and whatever other supplements I feel my body needs. I put Dom in the pram and get outside for a walk.”

7:00 A.m.

“I like to eat within an hour of waking up, so my first meal is usually a smoothie bowl with all the usual suspects: spinach, avocado, banana, protein and nut butter, topped with cocoa nibs. It feels like I’m having dessert for breakfast. Who doesn’t like chocolate at 7:00 a.m.? My coffee order is a large long black and sits next to my smoothie bowl.”

11:00 A.m.

“I try not to snack during the day because I like giving my body enough time to digest the last meal, and so I’ll plan to eat my lunch around 11 a.m. or noon, after my workout. Regardless of where I find myself at lunch (shooting in studio, filming on set, traveling, in meetings or at home), I’ll usually have the same thing—one of the body bowls from my program that are also popular amongst our members. I incorporate a balance of all macros and change it up daily. My favorite is sweet potato chunks, roasted greens, guacamole, fried eggs and ferments. It’s pretty filling and I find this powers me through until dinner.”

3:00 P.m.

“If I do find myself having a cheeky snack after school pickup or I need some extra energy, I’ll usually have a bliss ball made with nuts, dates and coconut, or some rice crackers with whatever toppings my body desires. I can get creative with this.”

5:00 P.m.

“Dinner is early in our home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I follow a lot of Ayurvedic principals when it comes to food and lifestyle, and choose meals based upon seasons and our body’s energy. For my husband and the kiddies, I love making fish, lamb or chicken with vegetables and some good quality grains. I’ll give the kids some fruit for dessert and get them in the bath to start winding down.”

cup of tea 1
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7:00 P.m.

“I love a peppermint tea after dinner on the couch, and then it’s not long after this I’ll be off to bed.”

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