23 Super Cheap Amazon Finds That Will Save Your Feet from Plantar Fasciitis (& More)

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Plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, heel spurs—whether you’re a 20-something server who’s on your feet all day or an octogenarian power walker, foot pain is real—especially the ever-common plantar fasciitis caused by the inflamed connective tissue (the planter fascia) that supports the arch of the foot. Thank goodness Amazon has plenty of super affordable products to keep our dogs from barking, from fancy socks to straightforward massagers…and everything in-between. In fact, here are 23 of them. Get shopping.

(Note: If you’re pregnant or have any medical concerns, please check with your doctor before trying to any of these options.)

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plantar fasciitis pain relief chinese spoons

1. Ceramic Chinese Soup Spoons

Yes, you’re reading the correct list. Chinese soup spoons have been used for centuries to perform gua sha, a traditional Chinese medicine practice where a blunt tool is used to scrape skin as a manner of promoting blood flow, healing and repair. TLDR: This might be juuuust the right thing for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis. To use, lather on some cream or oil to the bottom of your foot. Then, applying light pressure, stroke the blunt edge of the spoon from the top of your heel to your foot pad in vertical strokes, making sure not to cause any additional pain. (If you’re in more pain, stop.) Do the same thing horizontally across your foot. Ah, sweet relief.

plantar fasciitis pain relief thumb saver

2. Thumb Saver Massage Tool

If you’re massaging your feet a lot, your thumbs could probably use a break. This tool does just that, creating some serious leverage that saves your hands from cramping. Similar to the soup spoon, you can use this tool for scraping the soft tissue (aka plantar fascia) found on the bottom of your feet.

plantar fasciitis pain relief single foot roller

3. Kanjo Acupressure Foot Pain Relief Single Roller

We love this simple, Montessori-looking apparatus. Plant it under your desk and roll away the pain while you type up your next masterpiece. It’s small enough to even pack with you when you travel.

plantar fasciitis pain relief double foot roller

4. Theraflow Foot Massager (large) Dual Roller

Because you tried the single massager and now you want the big boy to tackle both feet at once.

plantar fasciitis pain relief toe separator

5. Zentoes Gel Toe Separators For Overlapping Toes

Until you’ve tried these genius little creations, you have no idea how much you needed them. Cramped toes can lead to a massive amount of all-over foot pain, including long-term issues like bunions. These washable and reusable separators slip on easily, providing foot-saving alignment that can even be worn while you walk around.

plantar fasciitis pain relief metatarsal foot pads

6. Metatarsal Sleeve Pads

Shocker: Most of the shoes we wear don’t provide the metatarsal support we need, which can—you guessed it—lead to bone-cringing foot pain. But we love this simple solution. Next time you go on a ten-mile run, try wearing these reusable, washable soft gel pads.

plantar fasciitis pain relief spiky ball

7. Pro-tec Spiky Massage Ball

Sure, it looks like a dog toy, but you’ll want to keep Sparky far away from this magical massage ball. After taking up running, PureWow senior editor Dana Dickey tested the spike technology herself and scored the red ball a whopping 96 out of 100 on the PW100 scale. All this to say: It’s probably worth the ten bucks…and if you don’t like it, Sparky will.

plantar fasciitis pain relief thai reflexology tools

8. Thai Traditional Reflexology Hand & Foot Massage Tools

Even if you’re not trained in reflexology, these wooden tools can come in handy for applying the exact pressure your feet need to release tension and increase circulation.

plantar fasciitis pain relief hammer toe separators

9. Zentoes Hammer Toe Straightener And Corrector

For one customer suffering from hammer toe pain, these correctors were a godsend: “When I first saw these, I really did not see how they were going to be helpful with my hammer toes as they do not look like they would do anything at all. All of my toes except my big toes are hammer toes that are so curled you can't even see the toenails. My podiatrist did not believe surgery would be beneficial to me, so I got these to help with the pain…I could not believe how much of a difference they made! Instantly, my pain was relieved.”

plantar fasciitis pain relief silicone water bottle

10. Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle

One of the most common ways to relieve plantar fasciitis pain quickly is to roll your foot over a frozen plastic water bottle. The cold compress helps to decrease inflammation as the rolling massages the soft tissue. But you can easily go the sustainable route with a silicone bottle, like this one. Plus, this guy has creases for higher-impact massage.

plantar fasciitis pain relief compression socks

11. Sb Sox Compression Socks

Increase blood flow and amp up your arch support with these compression sleeves. You can wear them to bed (which, psst, might even help you get to sleep faster), with sandals or even under another pair of socks for your workout or that big hike you’re planning.

plantar fasciitis pain relief gua sha stainless steel

12. Stainless Steel Gua Sha Tool

Another scraping tool, this one has double-beveled edges that can really get deep into your myofascial pain. To use, apply oil to the foot, angle the tool at 45 degrees in the direction that you want to treat and press using smooth, firm strokes in one direction.

plantar fasciitis pain relief gua sha with holes

13. Medical Stainless Steel Gua Sha Massage

Gua sha strikes again! This particular scraping tool might be our favorite on the list for its easy-to-hold finger holes and ball point, which can be used to target specific acupressure points.

plantar fasciitis pain relief calf rocker

14. Vive Foot Rocker Calf Stretcher

You know tight calves are bad for foot pain. So, you run through your stretches every morning, but they’re not doing as much as they used to. Time to call for reinforcements. This calf rocker takes things deeper with an ergonomic design that creates a gentle back-and-forth motion to evenly stretch the muscles in need. Rockabye, calves.

plantar fasciitis pain relief foot splint

15. Aibast Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Ideal for heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis and dangle foot, this contraption is more straightforward than it looks. It essentially positions your foot at the ideal angle to stretch it through the night, so you can wake up without that hankering pain.

plantar fasciitis pain relief roller and balls

16. Pasnity Spiky Foot Massage Roller + Balls

If you love the ball rolling trick, why not just invest in the whole package?

plantar fasciitis pain relief hot cold thearpy socks

17. Cold/hot Therapy Socks

You’re hot and cold, you’re yes and you’re—wait, actually that feels amazing. Not meant for wearing while walking or standing, these therapy socks provide instant relief with gel silica packs that can be microwaved or frozen depending on your needs. Just cue up a Netflix binge, sit back and enjoy.

plantar fasciitis pain relief cold thearpy socks

18. Natracure Cold Therapy Socks

Don’t take our word for it. Just look at the over-4,000 reviews with an average of 4.4 stars that say these socks are the go-to for immediate relief from inflammation and swelling.

plantar fasciitis pain relief heal seats

19. Heal That Pain Heal Seats

Another highly rated and reviewed pain-relief product, these insoles are specifically designed to attack plantar fasciitis pain by realigning the fascia into a healthier position.

plantar fasciitis pain relief moji balls

20. Moji Foot Massager Roller For Feet Pain Relief

Five balls are better than one. That’s how the saying goes, right?

plantar fasciitis pain relief reflexology slippers

21. Byriver Reflexology Foot Massager Slippers

Not your average slippers—you’re definitely not supposed to walk around the house in these—slide these on for some prompt foot relief without having to do the heavy reflexology work yourself. Wear them for a few minutes (building up resilience over time) while catching up on the news to reap the full benefits of this funky footwear.

plantar fasciitis pain relief yoga toes

22. Yogatoes Gems: Gel Toe Stretcher & Toe Separator

We’ve tried and tested YogaToes and can’t speak more highly of them (they scored a 91 out of 100 on our PW100 scale). Put these on while you’re watching TV, and 15 minutes later, your feet will feel brand-new.

plantar fasciitis pain relief double calf rocker

23. Vive Dual Calf Stretcher

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