Summer weather means our quarantine gym (aka our home) is getting a little more spacious. As in, we’re moving our sweat sessions to the outdoor space. And no, you don’t have to be a runner to take your workout to the backyard, front yard or the small patch of grass next to your apartment. All you need are a few pieces of fitness equipment made for the sunshine-filled days ahead. Here are ten best workout gear to scoop up (before they sell out).

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1. Tangram Smart Rope LED

Jumping rope isn’t just a killer cardio workout, it also helps improve bone density and cognitive function, while strengthening balance and coordination, among a few other health benefits. Bonus: It can be done anytime, anywhere—yes, even on your tiny patio.

$80 at Amazon

Swim Outlet

2. Speedo 3-Piece Aquatic Fitness Training Set

Lucky enough to be quarantining by a pool? Next time you go for a dip, grab these water aerobics mainstays, for a new kind of resistance training.

Buy It ($40)

Dick's Sporting Goods

3. Century Muay Thai 100 lb. Vinyl Heavy Bag

Yes, you can hang this bag in the basement, but it’s so much more fun (and better for your mental health) to throw punches outside in the fresh air.

Buy It ($230)

Dick's Sporting Goods

4. Zetrablade Inline Skates

Remind us why we ever stopped roller blading? Invest in a pair of inline skates and get a little street hockey match going. Or just cruise around the neighborhood to switch up your normal walking route.

Buy It ($170; $100)


5. B Yoga B Mat Strong

Take your morning Pilates class out into the sunshine for the added mood-boosting benefits of vitamin D. This extra-strong, six mm thick mat is all the cushion you need on hard pavement.

Buy It ($96)

Dick's Sporting Goods

6. ETHOS 15m Battle Rope

There’s a reason battle ropes are a favorite among top athletes: they get your heart rate pumping and strengthen your whole body at the same time. Test your endurance and get in your HIIT workout with timed speed intervals.

Buy It ($150)


7. Aduro Sport Store Adurance Weighted Vest

Turn any ordinary task into a sweat-breaking workout with a weighted vest. This one adds ten extra pounds to your body to rev up everything from a morning walk to pushups and lunges.

$40 at Amazon


8. Gaiam Essentials Step Deck

Jumping around upstairs while someone’s on a Zoom call downstairs isn’t ideal. So take this extremely portable step outside for a quick cardio and strength circuit where you can go all-out, without interrupting anyone’s workday.

Buy It ($30)


9. Sporzon! Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell

Sure, you can use these dumbbells inside, too, but the rubber encasing makes them especially outdoor-friendly.

From $63 at Amazon

Urban Outfitters

10. Sweat With Bec Abs For Daaays Ab Roller

Rolling in and out with an ab wheel is sure to get you a six pack before quarantine is over. We love that this one comes with a cushiony mat to prevent scraping up your knees while getting your sweat on in the driveway.

Buy It ($36)

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