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It’s a glorious summer morning and you’re just itching to get out there to start your day with an uplifting jog around the neighborhood. So you grab your favorite sports bra, sneakers and headphones and rush out the door. You feel the wind on your face as your muscles start to loosen up and remember how good it feels to break a sweat. And then your thighs decide to pick a fight with one another, and you’re forced to do a weird sort of crab-walk back home so that the chafing won’t get any worse than it already is. 

Don’t let angry thigh chafing get in the way of your glorious summer morning runs (or any workouts, for that matter). Here to help get you through those hot days when you just can’t even with a pair of leggings or capris are eight pairs of shorts that are long enough to prevent chafing and won’t ride up no matter how many miles you’re tackling today.

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lululemon fast and free short 10 inch

Lululemon Fast And Free Short 10“

The high-cut waist and ten-inch inseam guarantee nothing will be hanging out or left uncovered. On the flip side, the seamless hem at the legs won’t dig in or ride up, while the numbered sizing (0 through 14) allows you to get closer to a perfect fit than generic small/medium/large sizing ever could. With two deep side pockets (yes, they comfortably fit an iPhone X), a back pocket for keys or ID and a hidden inner pocket on the waistband, you can easily fit all your workout essentials.

Buy it ($68)

GORE R7 Women 2in1 Shorts

GORE R7 Women 2in1 Shorts

The super-light mesh inner short is really what makes these worth the high price tag. Unlike a lot of two-in-one designs, the slim-fit inner layer doesn’t ride up or dig in, meaning you won’t have to worry about constantly tugging them down throughout your workout. The flowy top layer helps to keep you cool and well ventilated (essential for helping to prevent chafing from ever starting), and the broad waistband sits comfortably on your hips for more support and coverage at your midsection. (Full disclosure: These shorts run small so be sure to check the size guide before purchasing.)

Buy it ($70)

Athleta Excursion Hybrid 9 inch Short

Athleta Excursion Hybrid 9“ Short

Available in a nine-inch or seven-inch inseam, Athleta’s Excursion Hybrid Short offers less compression than your average running short, which means you’ll have better range of motion for any HIIT or gym circuits you might have planned. The two side pockets are deep enough to fully stow your cell phone, but it’s their slim width that ensures your most precious possession won’t come flying out mid-burpee or jumping jack. Oh, and did we mention these shorts go all the way up to a size 20?

Buy it ($69)

new balance 5 inch impact short
New Balance

New Balance 5” Impact Short

Pro tip: Dolphin shorts, or those designed with separate front and back panels that cross over at the side of the leg, are much more flattering and accommodating for larger quads (aka no weird bunching or puffiness). Though a five-inch inseam may not seem long enough, these shorts are designed to move with your legs as you go from doing lunges to squats without the need to readjust.

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oiselle long roga shorts

Oiselle Long Roga Shorts

With a classic cut and six-inch inseam, these Oiselle shorts have the same look and feel as your typical three-inch running short but without any dreaded thigh chafe. And while they don’t feature the dolphin fit of the above pair, they are made from a soft, highly-stretchy material that can easily move with you without sacrificing any of that extra leg coverage.

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sweaty betty contour workout short
Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty Contour Workout Shorts

The soft, lightweight fabric is made specifically for high-intensity (read: super-sweaty) workouts, meaning you’re guaranteed to stay nice and dry no matter what type of workout sesh you’ve got coming up. While the inner drawstring can help perfect the fit, Sweaty Betty also makes a short-length version for any petite athletes who are worried the regular 7.5-inch inseam will hit too low on their thighs.

Buy it ($55)

title nine anti run shorts 7 inch
Title Nine

Title Nine Anti Run Shorts 7”

Don’t fret, you absolutely can run in these shorts (the name is a reference to Title Nine’s attempt to break the mold of standard running shorts with a totally fresh design), or bike, hike or squat in them as well. The length is a great middle ground between a truly short pair of shorts and a Bermuda short (something that garners a lot of mention and praise in the reviews). Plus, the quick-drying fabric won’t show any, um, ill-placed sweat stains and offers UPF 50 to give your skin some extra sun protection.

Buy it ($54)

road runner sports r gear high five pocket 5 inch short
Road Runner Sports

Road Runner Sports R-Gear High Five Pocket 5” Short

If you’ve always wanted a pair of no-chafe running shorts that could double as a backpack, then have we got good news for you. No, these don’t actually convert into a handy carryall, but they certainly have enough pockets to stow anything and everything you might need while out and about. Slip your phone and wallet into the front zip pockets. Then stow gels, tissues, Band-Aids or a sunscreen stick in the back waistband pocket with Velcro closure. Car keys and ID? They’ll fit perfectly in one of the hidden inner pockets. Oh, and a fitted elastic waistband and inner drawstring ensure you won’t accidentally moon any passers-by with all those necessities tucked away.

Buy it ($35)

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