The 6 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

Let's face it: Life is full of anxiety and tension. That’s why we decided to check in with Barbara Close, the CEO and founder of Naturopathica, a healing arts center and spa in New York, to discover the best essential oils for anxiety.

Here’s Why You Should Be Using Essential Oils

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1. Chamomile: Helps Ease Stress

Ugh, the grocery-store line is the longest you’ve ever seen. A whiff of chamomile oil—with its sweet, apple-like aroma—will cue your body and mind to relax, so you can inhale/exhale your way through the day (and your nonstop errands).


2. Lavender: Helps With Sleep

This oil does more than just signal to your body that it’s sleepy time. It contains a naturally occurring chemical called linalool, which actually helps balance your emotions and works as a powerful antidepressant, too. (Great for when your mind won’t stop racing.)

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3. Balsam Fir: Helps Relieve Anxiety

No wonder hanging in the same room as your Christmas tree is so calming. This bright and uplifting essential oil helps you feel more alert and clears congestion of the mind and body for better emotional balance. Huzzah!

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4. Pink Grapefruit: Helps Balance Your Mood

Its citrusy aroma has major mood-lifting and empowerment benefits, so you’ll feel renewed energy and direction, no matter how many projects are on your plate.

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5: Peppermint: Treats Headaches

Whoops, you had one too many glasses of red wine last night. This refreshing scent has a cooling sensation that will help you feel more alert, while relieving pain, nausea and tension headaches at the same time.

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6. Rosemary: Strengthens Memory

The major benefit: It reduces anxiety. But studies have also shown it helps improve memory and concentration. (Might want to keep a bottle in your back pocket.)