The 10 Best N95 Masks on Amazon, Plus 4 Top-Rated KN95s

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After two long years, we're finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to COVID-19, with some states and doctors setting their sights on the endemic phase. We’re still living in a swirl of the unknown, however, even as far as ever-changing recommendations for your health and safety are concerned. Though mask mandates are being updated in many areas, currently, in addition to getting vaccinated, boosted and keeping hand sanitizer on hand, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends swapping out both your cloth and disposable masks for either a N95 or KN95 mask, which offer increased protection against the virus.

N95 masks and respirators are what you typically see on healthcare professionals and can filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles. They're also certified by the CDC and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), making them a top choice for wear—especially for the immunocompromised.

While KN95 masks are not as effective, the CDC still found that they pass fewer particles through them than surgical or cloth masks, making them good for everyday use.

Where to Buy N95 Masks

You can find a slew of N95 masks at various retailers, from Walmart to The Home Depot. Amazon also offers them in a jiffy thanks to its two-day Prime shipping. Regardless of where you get them, however, you should always be wary and do your homework on your seller while shopping online to avoid counterfeit products (or masks not arriving at all). You'll also want to make sure the description information is accurate: A mask seller could say their product is NIOSH-certified without any viable proof, making it a bit more challenging to find a safe and effective option. Luckily, the CDC is constantly reviewing N95 masks and the manufacturers that make them to keep you informed. Below, you’ll find the best ones on Amazon that fit these guidelines.

The Best N95 Masks on Amazon At a Glance

The Best KN95 Masks on Amazon At a Glance

The 10 Best Places to Buy N95 and KN95 Face Masks Online in 2022

masks kc

Best N95 NIOSH-Approved Mask

This unique pouch shape of these NIOSH-approved N95 masks make them especially comfortable and breathable. In fact, according to the brand, they're up to 75 percent more breathable than NIOSH requires. They're also easy to put on: You simply wrap them around the back of your head and adjust the bendable nosepiece for the perfect fit. And with a pack of 50, you’ll have enough to last you a good long while.

masks deme

Best N95 Kids’ Mask

It can be especially tricky to find an N95 mask for little ones, particular since they're not designed for ultra-small faces. "3M N95s are designed to fit adult faces," Dr. Nikki Vars McCullough, vice president and respiratory protection leader at 3M, told CNN in July. "Parents who are considering a N95 for their child should make sure the respirators fits and forms a seal to the child's face," she said. "And it's important that the child is comfortable enough that they won't remove it."

These ones from DemeTECH are available in a smaller size that will fit little heads, with many reviewers noting that they're actually too tight for larger domes. While you’ll likely have to help them wrap it around the back of their heads, you’ll be happy to know that the adjustable nosepiece allows for a snug fit and won't be too uncomfy to wear for long periods of time, making them a great choice for school.

masks byd

Best Small N95 Mask

Even you're a full-grown adult that simply has a small head, you likely understand the struggle of finding a mask that actually stays up. That’s where these BYD Care masks come in. Available in a fun teal color, the stretchy elastic bands and adjustable nosepiece keep of these keep 'em nice and snug on smaller faces—extra snug, according to shoppers. They come in a pack of 20 and offer three layers of protection that reportedly filter out 95 percent of particles.

masks 3m1

Most Comfortable N95 Mask

These 3M masks feature an expandable pouch design that is NIOSH-approved. 3M claims this shape actually reduces the amount of annoying glasses fog and there’s a soft inner layer that's meant to feel cushier against your face. Coming in a pack of 20, they can be further adjusted with the included nosepiece, too. Seriously, they're a game-changer in face wear. Wrote one happy shopper, "As a high school teacher who wears a mask all day at work, this is the most comfortable mask that I have found for all day breathable and comfortable wear."

masks medic

Best Waterproof N95 Mask

Dealing with the elements while wearing a mask is never fun—mainly because they’re typically rendered useless after they get wet. These meltblown N95 masks actually have a waterproof, no-leak welding point near the edges, offering protection from rain, sweat, snot and drool. Like other N95 masks, they offer the necessary 95 percent filtration, have comfortable straps and an adjustable nosepiece, as well.

masks phg

Best Medical-Grade N95 Mask

These N95 masks were made with healthcare workers in mind, so naturally, they're NIOSH-approved for that 95 perfect filtration level we’re looking for. It tightly covers the entire bottom half of your face with its breathable, 3D design and comes in a pack or 50. It also features elastic head straps and an adjustable nose bridge wire with added foam padding. One reviewer said even his surgical team liked them, writing, "Ordered this mask primarily for a hospital stay which involved surgery. The team's doctors and nurses were unanimously impressed by its quality. Best mask I've tried for fit and function."

masks honey

Best N95 Surgical Mask

With a classic thick, surgical shape, these N95 respirators are what you typically think of when you hear the term, "N95." The hard, cone design might be a bit off-putting, but for basic protection, it's a good, solid choice—particularly for those looking for something a little more heavy-duty. It also has an adjustable nosepiece, and because particles are absorbed in the multiple layers, you can breathe easily. They come in a pack of 20.

masks bnx

Most Breathable N95 Mask

Finding a NIOSH-certified N95 mask that you can actually breathe in is the holy grail, and these fish-style ones from BNX achieve just that. With an expandable cone design and multiple layers of protection, these masks allow for plenty of room for airflow and are 50 percent more breathable than NIOSH standards, per the company—and reviewers. Wrote one shopper: "The 'regular' shaped N95s always make it uncomfortable for me to talk, with this one I had no problems at all. Great breathability, too. Never felt too stuffy in this mask."

masks benehal

Best-Fitting N95 Mask

Considering that mask safety is so closely tied to fit, you'll want to be sure you have ones that are snug to your face on hand. Enter: These N95 masks from Benehal, here to the rescue. Not only are they NIOSH-approved, offering at least 95 percent filtration against particles, but they also contour to your head shape for the Goldilocks fit you're looking for. Wrote one buyer: "These masks fit all three adults in our household. A little too big for 11 year-old, but works with adjustments. The two bands are different than other masks I’ve tried. I like these much better." (It's OK—you can thank us later.)

masks 3m

Best Protective N95 Mask

These PPE masks from 3M are not messing around. Made of multiple layers and foam for at least 95 percent filtration from particles, they're NIOSH-approved and more or less create a seal around your face against unwanted elements. Their standout feature, however, is the classic adjustable two-strap design that ensures they don't wiggle around. After pulling it around your head and pressing it for that custom seal, you’ll be good to go.

masks chi

11. Chisip Kn95 Face Mask

Best Adjustable KN95 Mask

While not as effective as N95 masks, these KN95 ones are FDA-emergency use-approved and still offer plenty of protection for the average person thanks to their five-layer design, which makes it hard for particles to sneak in. They're breathable, waterproof, lightweight and adjustable. Bonus? They help to prevent that dreaded glasses fog.

masks w

12. Wwdoll Kn95 Face Mask

Best Non-Irritating KN95 Mask

This 25-pack of KN95 masks is both colorful and protective. The inner layer that touches the face is made of a non-woven soft fabric that’s not irritating, so they're also a great choice for those with particularly sensitive skin. The second layer, meanwhile, helps to block out what the manufacturer claims is 95 percent of particles—a stat that checks out with the FDA.

masks m

13. Missaa Kn95 Face Mask

Most Durable KN95 Mask

The last thing you want is to rip your face mask while you're tugging at it after leaving a store, or worse, entering one. These picks are made with a reinforced seam and have widened ear loops for extra comfort. The non-woven fabric makes it a little more skin-friendly, and the company claims that the five-layer design will filter more than 95 percent of particles. The plain black color is also quite versatile for most outfits.

n95 masks on amazon good mask co

14. Good Mask Co. Kn95 Face Mask

Most Comfortable KN95 Mask

If you have to wear a mask for an extended period of time, you're not likely to go wrong with these ones from Good Mask Co. They've got a nice, foldable design that makes things more breathable and optimal for long wear. Better yet, there are four layers for filtration, soft ear loops and an adjustable nosepiece for a more protective feel.

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