11 Motivational Water Bottles That Might Actually Encourage You to Hydrate

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How much water have you had today? If you’re like half of all Americans, then probably not enough—at least according to the CDC. We’ve all been guilty of somehow not taking a single sip of H2O until 5 PM on a busy workday or even later on a jam-packed weekend (remember those?). But our recent discovery of motivational water bottles has been a total game-changer when it comes to avoiding that end-of-day parched feeling.

This new type of water bottle is just like your beloved Hydroflask (or any other Amazon find) but it’s emblazoned with markings and sayings that encourage you to match your water intake based on the time of day. Imagine having your own hype man who resides on your water bottle and whose only job is to make sure you’re properly hydrated. That, my friends, is a motivational water bottle!

We first noticed these encouraging drinking vessels as a viral trend on TikTok and then Instagram, the latter thanks to influencer and writer Danielle Prescod who has formed what she calls a “water cult.” So, are you ready to reap the benefits of being hydrated? Here, 11 motivational water bottles that should get you ready for some serious drinking.

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motivational water bottles sankuu

1. Sankuu 1 Gallon Water Bottle

Holding up to one gallon of liquid, this bottle is not for the timid. Many reviewers say they underestimated how big a gallon actually is but love the constant reminder to drink up. This bottle does get heavy when filled to the brim, so—bonus!—you will be getting an arm workout as you drink. At least it will in the morning, when you have yet to make a dent in your daily consumption.

motivational water bottles uncommon
Uncommon Goods

2. Uncommon Drink More Water Bottle

On the opposite spectrum of the one-gallon bottle, we have the 16-ounce glass option. This number’s fun graphics make you want to chug, just so you have more excuses to admire to look this stylish design. Many reviewers mention that this bottle makes for a great gift, whether you’re giving or receiving it.

motivational water bottles adolph

3. Adolph Large Half Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

If Goldie Lox’s three bears were water bottles, this would be the mama bear. Falling somewhere in-between one-gallon and 32-ounces, this is the medium-sized bottle that isn’t too heavy to carry around if you have to leave the house. You’ll be reminded to drink every two hours with punny sayings including, “keep chugging” and “don’t give up.” With a quick and easy flip straw and handle, we also think this would be a great bottle for your next trip to the gym.

motivational water bottles opard

4. Opard 32oz Sports Water Bottle With Filter

Plenty of people will only sip flavored water and if you’re one of those people, then this is the motivational water bottle for you. Built with a fruit infuser and flip lid, this bottle will let you add your own touch to plain old water. Many reviewers say that the rather generously sized infuser is extremely easy to clean and remove, especially on those days when you do want plain old water.

motivational water bottles bottled joy

5. Bottled Joy Stainless Steek Water Bottle

Or, maybe you’re the type that can only drink ice cold water. This stainless steel style is equipped with a double- wall vacuum, which will keep your beverage of choice cold (or hot) for up to 12 hours. It also comes with four reusable ice cubes and a metal strainer to keep those ice cubes where they belong (i.e., in the water). While you won’t be able to see exactly how much water you’ve consumed throughout the day with this particular design, reviewers note that this will be motivating regardless.

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motivational water bottles amiter

6. Amiter Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

If you’re a VSCO Girl looking to update your banged-up Hydroflask, look no further. Clocking in at 128 ounces, this bottle is big enough to hold a day’s worth of water…and then some. The design’s gradient color scheme and braided strap will also give you summer camp flashbacks of the day you and your bunk mates tie-dyed your tee shirts and exchanged friendship bracelets.

motivational water bottles leado

7. Leado 32oz Motivational Tracking Water Bottle

Yeah, this is the cutest motivational water bottle we could find. For those of you who love word play and adorable fox images, you’ll be bragging about this to everyone you encounter. Coming in at 32-ounces, this bottle fits in the medium size category, but the BPA-Free plastic makes it a light and easy travel companion. Foxes aren’t your thing? It also comes as a llama, giraffe, owl, cow or flamingo version.

motivational water bottles bottle bottle

8. Bottle Bottle Half Gallon Water Bottle With Straw & Motivational Time Marker

Ding! That’s the sound of your old metal water bottle getting dented three days after you bought it. If you’re now looking to replace said damaged vessel, you may want to consider this pastel design. The leak-proof 64-ounce bottle has a silicone boot on the bottom, which prevents it from incurring any damaging indents or dings. One reviewer writes, “I’ve been drinking two a day! And the purple color is great with a silicone bottom. All around love it!”

motivational water bottles elvira

9. Elvira 32oz Motivational Fitness Sports Water Bottle

BPA-free and made with an easy-to-open tab, this Elvira bottle is perfect for those who want a lightweight and smaller sized bottle that’ll keep you motivated and drinking from 8 AM to 7 PM. In addition, the bottle comes with a removable filter, which many reviewers note is great for infusing tea or fruit into their water. This bottle can definitely enhance your lemon water game!

motivational water bottles mantramart1

10. Mantramart Manifest Water Bottle

Set on a beautiful BPA free plastic, that almost appears like glass, this bottle’s motivational quotes are not only geared toward drinking more H2O, but also encompassing positive affirmations for your daily life such as, “I am one sip closer to my dreams.”

motivational water bottles live happy1
Natural Life

11. Live Happy Glass Water Bottle

These colorful images of flowers, animals and small cottages will transport you to a fantasy land of joy and hydration. Plus, this bottle is slimmer in comparison to others on this list, allowing for an easier grip around your daily intake.