12 Mental Health Podcasts to Listen to Between Therapy Sessions

There are podcasts about pretty much everything: There are pods about books, self-help, true-crime and everything in between—including mental health. Here are 12 great mental health podcasts that cover everything from depression and anxiety to grief and addiction. Note that none of these podcasts should be used in place of therapy or medication, but rather as an enlightening little add-on to your existing mental healthcare routine.

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mental health podcasts hilarious world of depression

1. ‘the Hilarious World Of Depression’

Anyone who’s dealt with mental illness knows that sometimes you just have to laugh about it. That’s the point of this pod, a series of frank, moving and, yes, funny conversations about depression. Hosted by veteran humorist and public radio host John Moe, the show features guests like Maria Bamford, Paul F. Tompkins and Andy Richter to share how they’ve dealt with depression and managed to laugh along the way.

mental health podcasts therapy for black girls

2. ‘therapy For Black Girls’

Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls. The site’s same-named podcast is a weekly chat about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves. With episodes on the connection between menstrual health and mental health and thoughts on transracial adoption, there’s something for everyone.

mental health podcasts latinx therapy

3. ‘latinx Therapy’

Hosted by Adriana Alejandre, LMFT, this weekly podcast discusses mental health topics related to Latinas, Latinos and Latinx individuals in an attempt to demystify myths and destigmatize diagnoses. With Q&A segments and interviews with experts, the show also has Spanish segments every other week.

mental health podcasts happier

4. ‘happier With Gretchen Rubin’

It’s a sister act, but with quips, concrete suggestions and thoughtful commentary about ways to make your daily life happier. Author Gretchen Rubin (Oprah interviewed her about her best-selling book The Happiness Project) and her younger sis, TV writer Elizabeth Craft, ponder disparate attempts at manufacturing joy like de-cluttering, forgiveness and a kissing schedule.

mental health podcasts mental illness happy hour

5. ‘the Mental Illness Happy Hour’

Hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin, this weekly podcast sees Gilmartin interview comedians, artists, friends and the occasional doctor to explore mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking.

mental health podcasts black girl in om

6. ‘black Girl In Om’

Black Girl in Om exists “to hold and heal black women and women of color around the world on their unique wellness journeys, mending us from the inside out.” During each episode, host Lauren Ash is joined by wellness and spirit-centered guests across various industries to talk about all things self-care and self-love, spiritual awakening, intergenerational healing and more.

mental health podcasts not another anxiety show

7. ‘not Another Anxiety Show’

On this podcast for everyone from “the always anxious to the occasionally overwhelmed to the painfully panicked,” host Kelli Walker, registered nurse, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and former agoraphobe, talks about what anxiety really is, why the best of us can get caught in its web and how to move past its sticky grip. Expect practical tips, resources and guidance while gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

mental health podcasts struggle bus

8. ‘the Struggle Bus’

While this bi-weekly advice podcast released its last episode in November 2020, there are almost 200 episodes in the archives. The Struggle Bus was hosted by BFFs Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin. On each episode, Katharine and Sally discuss listener-submitted questions and problems and offer the best solutions one could hope to get from co-hosts whose credentials are: “They have lots of feelings and opinions.”

mental health podcasts recovery unscripted

9. ‘recovery Unscripted’

Powered by Foundations Recovery Network, this podcast’s mission is to share valuable wisdom and powerful stories by bringing listeners firsthand accounts and exclusive insights from the frontlines of the opioid crisis, mental health care and addiction treatment. With guests like Obama administration drug czar Michael Botticelli and author Glennon Doyle Recovery Unscripted is a source for current, meaningful dialogues about addiction and recovery.

mental health podcasts good life project

10. ‘the Good Life Project’

Every week, this show shares inspirational, intimate and disarmingly unfiltered conversations about living a fully engaged, fiercely connected and purpose-drenched life. With guests like Elizabeth Gilbert, Bishop Michael Curry, Macy Gray and everyday, non-famous folks, it’s about helping you live a better life—no matter where you are right now.

mental health podcasts where should we begin

11. ‘where Should We Begin?’

Unlike Savage Lovecast or Dear Prudence (which are also great), Esther Perel’s podcast offers a glimpse into a couple’s relationship from both sides. Listen in on real, unscripted consultations of anonymous couples with the Belgian-born psychologist, whom you may remember from the 2015 TED Talk “Rethinking Infidelity.” Even if you’re not personally dealing with the same dysfunctions, hearing these couples work out their issues (or not) in this series can help anyone sympathize a little more with the loved ones in their lives.

mental health podcasts griefcast

12. ‘griefcast’

Billed as a show about “funny people talking about death,” Griefcast examines the human experience of grief and death—but with comedians, so it’s cheerier than it sounds. Each week, host Cariad Lloyd talks to a different guest about their experiences of grief. Together they share their views on the pain, loss and the weirdness that happens when someone dies.

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