Your May 2020 Horoscopes

Buckle up because May is another wild ride. The great news is that this month’s vibe is completely different from what we experienced in March and April. But of course, different doesn’t always mean better. Though things likely feel lighter and less restricted, the experience is just as intense.

The full moon in mysterious Scorpio on the 7th brings our secrets to the surface. Maybe our head has been in the game, but has our heart been on the same page? Let’s get ready for some deep emotional breakthroughs, lengthy vent sessions and cathartic tears on this day.

Mercury moves into quick-witted Gemini on the 11th, and we start getting lots of brilliant ideas. On the 13th, Mars finally leaves Aquarius for intuitive Pisces suggesting that we can soon move more freely. On the very same day, Venus stations retrograde in Gemini. From now until June 25th, all that is Venusian—love, money, aesthetics—doesn’t function like it usually does. Let’s watch our spending and try to ignore whatever ghosts slide into our DMs. (We’re looking at you, Chad.) Jupiter and Saturn also station retrograde this same week as there really is so, so, so much to review.

The sun enters fresh, funky and flaky Gemini on the 20th (happy birthday to our mischievous twins!). At the new moon in Gemini on the 22nd, we are likely to have a brilliant idea. Let’s write it all down or at least talk it all out with everyone we know.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

1 taurus

As you finish up your birthday season, Venus retrograde begins on the 13th in your earned income sector. Retrogrades bring blasts from the past as well as clues about the future, so don’t be surprised if you finally receive some checks you’ve been waiting on since last July or a friend forwards you an application for your dream job out of the blue. Six months from now, how much cash do you want to have in your savings account? Devise a plan to make that happen.

Love Horoscope: The full moon on the 7th falls in your partnership sector and may bring a particularly fraught relationship to its natural end. When there are too many secrets between you and someone you love, it’s impossible to grow with them. Either lay it all out on the table or excuse yourself for good.

Money Horoscope: As we already mentioned, this month really is all about the cash flow for you, especially with Venus retrograde in your money sector. That said, Venus retrogrades are a time for assessment, not quick decisions. A climax arrives with a job offer or intriguing new rental agreement at the new moon on the 22nd, but don’t commit to anything until you’re really sure it’s what you want.

2 gemini

Like last month, May is divided into three distinct vibes. Through the 11th, you’re either totally zen or stuck in a cycle of self-loathing. A breakthrough comes on the 4th as you accept that certain things are out of your control. Mercury glides into your sign on the 11th, and you finally feel like yourself again. Phew. This good feeling continues as your season begins on the 20th—happy birthday to you!—and peaks at the new moon on the 22nd,which is all about self-care. Spend the last few days of the month focused on abundance.

Love Horoscope: Whether it’s officially postponing your wedding until 2021 or discussing whether you should move in together post-quarantine, if you’re in a relationship, things get real on the 6th. If you’re single, some ghosts of hookups past start haunting you on the 13th. Ignore them if they aren’t any fun.

Money Horoscope: Though your finances are mostly flowing smoothly, an issue may start rearing its ugly head around the 14th. The steady stream of client referrals dries up or you’re finally hit with the credit card bill from all that quarantine online shopping. Try to spend less than usual in the first half of the month so you have a cushion…just in case.

3 cancer

How about letting yourself have a little fun, dear moonchild? At the full moon on the 7th, a romance or a creative project that you began last October reaches its culmination. Do something sweet for your lover or send those rough recordings of a new song to a friend in the “biz.” The second half of the month is all about rest and relaxation, which peaks at the new moon in Gemini on the 22nd. RSVP “no” to all those virtual catch ups and meditate instead. No one is going to forget you if you don’t participate in everything.

Love Horoscope: If you’re single, the full moon on the 7th is a great day to put yourself out there. Download the apps, rekindle a fling via text or finally tell that acquaintance from your Bachelor crew that you have a crush on her. Life is short so why not? If you’re in a relationship, the major growth you’ve been experiencing together slows down around the 14th. How can you keep things fresh as you settle into your routine?

Money Horoscope: If you’re a freelancer, new clients that you’ve been pursuing since March finally sign on the dotted line around the 11th. With new streams of income coming your way, you may want to think about consolidating debts.

4 leo

Something important to your emotional health comes to a culmination in your home and family life at the full moon in Scorpio on the 7th. If you moved back in October, you’re finally feeling settled. And if you had a vulnerable heart-to-heart with your sister last fall, you find yourself feeling immensely grateful that you started that dialogue. In the second half of the month, your productivity is at an all-time (at least for quarantine) high, especially on the 15th through the 17th. At the new moon on the 22nd, get back in touch with a friend who has fallen out of your periphery. What you discuss might inspire your next big project.

Love Horoscope: Though this month should be more focused on friends than lovers, some particularly romantic days are the 8th through the 10th. Make a virtual date with that hottie you’ve been DMing for the entire lockdown and see what happens. If you’re in a relationship, tensions that have been building between you and your partner since March start waning on the 11th. Finally, you’re comfortable again.

Money Horoscope: As Mars enters Pisces and your shared resources sector on the 13th, you are prepared to take on all of your financial skeletons-in-the-closet with gusto! Set aside a day during the second week of May to power through all those unopened bills or Venmo requests. On the 25th, a collaborative opportunity at work may lead to more pay.

5 virgo

Like April, this month is divided into three distinct sections for you, Virgo. Through the 11th, you find yourself hard at work studying or learning a new technical skill. An intellectual breakthrough comes on the 4th and makes something usually stressful to you way more palatable. As Mercury moves into Gemini on the 11th, pressure builds at work and you may find yourself leading more meetings and taking more initiative. The new moon on the 22nd marks a fresh start for your career. What feels good in your current position? And how do you want to grow? Your social life picks up after the 28th. Even if it’s all digital, prioritize spending time with friends to close out the month.

Love Horoscope: Around the 13th, a long-brewing conflict finally comes to a head with your partner. Things are less sweet this month than they have been. To get through the tension, you must work together. If you’re single, your energy is focused more on work and yourself than it is on love. Keep your eye on the prize—there’s nothing wrong with that.

Money Horoscope: This month is a huge one for your career, and, as weird as it may sound in these circumstances, it might just be time to ask for a raise. As Venus retrograde begins on the 13th, you are reminded of all the ways you have worked for less than your worth in the past. Don’t let it happen again. Seek what you deserve.

6 libra

On the 13th, your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde for the first time since November 2018. The planet of love wants you to review your relationship to education, travel and authority figures. Who teaches you? And who can you teach? Though you’re feeling nostalgic, be sure to match every dig through the archives with taking in something new. (Classic movies you’ve never seen? Records you’ve never spun?) Especially on the 3rd and 20th, follow your intuition about what to consume, whether that’s what you read, watch or bake. Remember: Abundance comes through exploration.

Love Horoscope: Back in March, just as you had hatched a plan to really up your romance game, well...the pandemic cancelled everything. As Venus goes retrograde on the 13th, think back to what happened in May and June of 2012 (Venus’ last retrograde in Gemini). What dating mistakes did you make back then that you’re thrilled to be avoiding now? Calling an old friend on the 22nd reminds you of how much you have to offer to any relationship.

Money Horoscope: The full moon on the 7th falls in your earned income sector and marks a culmination of any financial ventures you started around the new moon in Scorpio on October 27th of last year. Cash seems to flow easily at the top of the month, so save as much as you can.

7 scorpio

As May begins, you are still in the throes of the sticky family matter or troubling home situation that started causing you grief in March. If you’re not being honest with yourself about how much you’re hurting, the full moon in your sign on the 7th brings all your feels to the surface. Have a good cry and write it all out. Things start to lighten up around the 11th, which means on the 13th you can finally put out the literal or metaphorical fire. Instead, bring the heat to your romantic or creative life.

Love Horoscope: If your love language is words of affirmation, get ready to be blown away on the 4th when your partner writes you the sweetest note ever. If you’re single, this missive might come from an ex, and it will probably be more sentimental than expected. As mentioned, your romantic life picks up around the 13th. If you are dating and unsure about where a relationship is headed, an unexpected twist makes things clear on the 25th.

Money Horoscope: Major shifts happen in your financial life this month. Venus stations retrograde on the 13th in your shared resources sector and by the new moon on the 22nd, you are ready to face some skeletons in your financial closet. A money issue that’s been overwhelming you for years may not be such a big deal when you shine the light of day on it.

8 sagittarius

Despite how much the world has slowed down, it seems like all you’re doing is speeding up: A friend needs you to help her move; your kids are getting restless; and things are busier than ever at work. At the full moon in Scorpio on the 7th though, let go of what’s out of your control and take a much-needed break for yourself. You will want to be rested for the 13th when maintenance issues at your home start taking up even more of your time. Luckily at the new moon on the 22nd, a new relationship—whether it’s romantic or business—renews your zest for life.

Love Horoscope: May is all about commitment for you, Sagittarius. With Venus retrograde kicking off in your one-on-one relationships sector on the 13th, you may be contacted by more than a few former exes throughout the second half of the month. But as mentioned before, the new moon on the 22nd is all about forming a fresh commitment or simply reminding your special someone just how much you care.

Money Horoscope: Since December, you have been carefully budgeting, saving funds and figuring out how to make yourself secure. After meeting a major goal on or around the 14th, you feel like you’re in a good place. Some details may need to be worked out around a loan or credit card bill on the 28th but otherwise, all is well.


You are feeling burned out on Zooms and FaceTimes and HouseParty hangs, so why not try out some old-fashioned phone calls? In the second half of the month, you are in for a series of administrative delays. Keep that in mind before launching a project. At the new moon on the 22nd, you are inspired to begin a new exercise routine. This summer, you’ll be feeling extra fit and may even want to show off your abs.

Love Horoscope: Though this isn’t a particularly romantic month for you, a brief but very much needed breakthrough in your dating life happens on the 4th. Though Venus retrograde is going to cause more upheaval in your daily routine than your love life, you are feeling nostalgic about lovers past on both the 3rd and the 20th. Focus on the sweet memories only.

Money Horoscope: On the 11th, as your ruling planet Saturn stations retrograde in your earned income sector, you are given very limited time to make a financial decision. Is this a risk worth taking? Don’t base your decision on adrenaline alone, especially because your energy begins to wane on the 13th. Go for the long-term benefit rather than the short-term high.

10 aquarius

The full moon on the 7th marks a huge moment for your career. Though you usually try to downplay your achievements, milk this time in the spotlight for what it’s worth. Look, if this coincides with your boss gushing about your performance, at least all your coworkers on the Zoom call won’t know how much you’re blushing! Venus stations retrograde in your romance and creativity sector on the 13th, and your dating life starts—as the kids say—popping off. At the new moon on the 22nd, a sweet gesture or creative gift will make you feel like the most loved person the world.

Love Horoscope: As mentioned above, your love life takes center stage this month. On the 3rd and 20th especially, you are more willing than usual to put yourself out there and flirt with a cutie you’ve had your eye on for a long time. Get in there while you’re feeling down to take a risk. This period lasts through the end of June and continues throughout the summer, so have fun and experiment while you can.

Money Horoscope: Aggressive Mars makes his big entrance to your earned income sector on the 13th and you either get a raise or have to work way harder than usual to keep up with your bills.

11 pisces

At the full moon on the 7th, whether it’s finally getting into a headstand during Zoom yoga or starting the online French class you’ve been meaning to take for years, a major goal is unlocked. So…celebrate! Pop a bottle of prosecco for the occasion. With Venus retrograde kicking off in your home and family sector on the 13th, you may have to revisit some painful parts of your past in the second half of the month. As much as these memories may consume you, remember that you are capable of creating your own personal sanctuary.

Love Horoscope: May is really about both your family and taking some meditative time for yourself, but on the 3rd and the 20th especially, watch out for missives from past lovers from high school or your hometown. With Mars moving into your sign on the 13th, you get a major confidence boost and around the 25th, your texts get especially flirty.

Money Horoscope: Your money situation remains pretty stable this month, but you may want to use the days leading up to the full moon (the 4th, 5th and 6th) to plant some seeds for future investments. Whatever you start now fully materializes later this year. Choose something and let it grow.

12 aries

A friend spills her guts to you at the full moon in Scorpio on the 7th and though you’re happy to lend an ear, you’re hurt when she can’t seem to return the favor a few days later. If this incident leaves you feeling invisible, especially after your ruling planet Mars moves into Pisces on the 13th, take it as a hint to look deeper within. Perhaps you already have all the answers you need. On the 22nd, the new moon in Gemini is a chance to get involved in a neighborhood initiative or start a virtual book club with those cool acquaintances you want to get to know better.

Love Horoscope: If you’re single, this is unfortunately not the best month for you to be dating. Over the summer and through the fall, you will feel almost forced to put yourself out there, so take time this month to meditate on what you really want. Venus retrograde brings some jokers out of the woodwork, so try to ignore their messages ––especially on the 3rd and the 20th when communications might be extra confusing.

Money Horoscope: On the 4th, you might get a promotion, a bonus or just receive that check that’s been “in the mail” since the end of February. And on the 7th, you get even better news about an investment. Rather than celebrating with a shopping spree, use the cash influx to pay off a debt.

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