I Asked an Astrologer If the Stars Predicted the Pandemic & Her Answer Gave Me the Chills

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I’ve been wondering if I’d missed something. As horoscopes editor, I’ve pored over our astrologist’s analyses every week for the last year or so—and I didn’t see any mention of a global pandemic that would change our lives forever. But maybe I just glossed over it? So, I emailed Jaime Wright, our in-house zodiac forecaster to double-check, “Question…did ‘the stars’ predict this pandemic at all?” Her answer sent a shiver down my spine. Here’s what she told me. 

Did the stars see the COVID-19 pandemic coming?

“Oh, yes, they definitely did. I think I wrote a bit about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that happened back in January. At the time, most astrologists connected it to the U.S. election and similar political tumult throughout the world. I refer to it as the ‘cosmic reset button.’ It's an aspect that happens every 35 to 40 years and usually coincides with upheaval on a global level. The last one was in 1981/1982, which lines up with the initial AIDS outbreak, and there was also one in 1917, at the time of the Spanish Flu.”

By the way, here’s what Wright wrote back in January:The climax of all the Capricorn drama comes on the 12th as disciplined Saturn meets transformative Pluto in the sky. An extremely rare cosmic occurrence (the last conjunction of these two planets was in 1982!), this is cosmic ground zero on both a personal and societal level. If we let go of what isn’t worth saving, we realize that what remains is gold.”

So, are there any signs from the stars about when this will end?

“The astrology of 2020 speaks overall to a major paradigm shift. In the short term, Mars (the planet of aggression) and Saturn (the planet of boundaries) have been in the same sign since February 16th. When these two planets come together, tensions are extremely high, and it may feel like we just ‘can't get ahead’ of our problems. The climax of this energy was on March 31st, and the two planets remain in the same sign until May 13th, which is when I believe some of the initial tension of this situation will begin to pass.

In the long term, what we really have to look forward to is the once-in-20-year Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that will happen on December 21, 2020, the winter solstice. Occurring in the forward-thinking sign of Aquarius, the coming together of the planet of hope and the planet of rules speaks to a societal embrace of a more sustainable future. This so-called ‘Great Conjunction’ sets an elemental tone: We are moving away from a 200-year period of taking advantage of the earth and moving into the next 200-year period of advances in technology and communication.”

Are there signs of the lessons we should be taking away from this?

“Though the planets do not ‘cause’ things to happen to us on earth, they do provide a mirror for our human experience. What isn't working anymore? What has to go to make way for something better? Our problems are so obvious that we've been left with no choice but to stop everything and try to solve them. Overall, we should be looking not at returning to how things were but towards building something better. Finding new ways to communicate as well as really looking out for those around us will be a major theme over the next year and into the future.

But most importantly, what astrology teaches us is humanity has been in this place before, and we have gotten through it. We will be in this place again, and we will get through it again.”

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. Read her weekly and monthly astrology and horoscopes. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.


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