Sure, ordinary button-operated massage guns are cool, but you know what's better? A chic touch-screen, WiFi technology-based one.

Say hello to the Lyric Massager, a new gadget that we're predicting will become the next Our Place Always Pan, but for back therapy tools.

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Let's start with the sleek, stylish design, which is available in five classic matte colors, including terracotta, blueprint, stone, slate and granite. (For what it's worth, we're all about the pumpkin-spice vibes of the warm terracotta hue.) The $200 lightweight handheld massager features a compact docking station (with a tray) that holds four massage attachments. In other words, it will fit seamlessly on your nightstand or in your purse. It also comes with an extension handle that allows you to get to hard-to-reach spots (ahem, like the lower back).

But what we love most about the USB-chargeable therapy tool is it was designed to provide personalized comfort, relaxation and temporary pain relief. It uses WiFi technology and rhythm therapy to deliver the most up-to-date touch and vibroacoustic movement frequencies in an attempt to stimulate the nervous system, helping to relieve you of minimal muscle pain, tension and stress.

With the holidays quickly approaching, this would be a great gift idea. After all, it's a super-smart, easy-to-use massager that works incredibly well and looks oh-so stylish. Plus, who doesn't love new gadgets? (Oh, and we totally approve of buying one for yourself, too.) Just don't wait around to get yours—we wouldn't be surprised to see this baby sell out quickly.

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