The Lora DiCarlo Carezza Stimulator Helped Me Reclaim My Power In the Bedroom

My first-class ticket to O-town

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A close up of the Lora Di Carlo Careeza Stimulator.
Sofia Kraushaar for PureWow

The key to having better sex in 2023? Vibrators. Hear me out: According to Psychology Today, only 50 to 70 percent of women are having orgasms during sex (versus 95 percent of men). That means up to 50 percent of women aren’t claiming their tickets to O-town while almost every man is. At last, the search for the best sex toy—aka "the one" that levels the playing field—is over: Meet the Lora DiCarlo Carezza.

I've had mine for over a year now, and it's quickly become my favorite distraction. Needless to say, it's one of my favorite sex toys, and I couldn't be more satisfied.

What Is the Lora DiCarlo Carezza?

The two-in-one stimulator is such a vibe. It's made of silky-smooth silicone and fits effortlessly into the palm of your hand, delivering powerful, direct vibrations and sucking sensations when held over your clitoris (or wherever else you want to feel good).

How Does the Lora DiCarlo Carezza Work?

The first part of the device is meant to mimic finger caressing, as it was designed with PercussionTouch technology that lets you set the speed of your sensations, whether that be a gentle woodpecker-like rhythm or a full-throttle drumming on your clitoris. But whatever pace you set it to (there are ten speeds, btw), I can guarantee it will provide you with the undivided attention needed for the fireworks to erupt—with or without a partner.

The second function is an Air Sleeve, a piece that effortlessly slides onto the toy, transforming the sensation from pulsating taps to pinpointed air suction. In other words, it takes things up a notch, mimicking oral sex that you have full control over. Or, if you enjoy submitting, you can let your partner take the wheel, so they can also take some credit for getting you there.

Basically, if A + B = an orgasm, A would be the waterproof device in all its glory, and B would be the game-changing Air Sleeve.

What I Like About It

I've tried my fair share of sex toys, from rabbit vibrators to TikTok famous picks, including the Rose, but the Lora DiCarlo Carezza, is, by far, made of the smoothest material. So smooth that it glides across my body without lube, which makes it a winner when you want to minimize the mess. The various sensations are also different from traditional buzzy vibrators; they feel gentler and the pressure builds gradually, thus, giving you a more heightened experience. Sometimes with toys, I find myself rushing to get to climax, but this stimulator made me slow down and take my time, which paid off in a longer, convulsing orgasm (aka the best kind).

Never brought a toy to the bedroom? The Carezza only has two buttons, making it that much easier to let your guard down. I got the hang of it after one use. And two hours of USB charging gets you one hour of play, which is more than enough time for less sensitive folks to get warmed up.

So if there's any sex toy to buy today from our shopping platform, WowText, it's this one right here. Don't say I didn't tell you so.

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