Kelly Ripa's Biological Age Is 35, not 49, Says Her Nutritionist. Here’s How She Stays Healthy

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Do we know that our favorite celebrities look as flawless as they do for many reasons that are out of our control (time to exercise, nutritionists on retainer, genetics, etc.)? Yes. Does that stop us from wanting to know everything about said exercise and nutrition regimens? Sure doesn’t, which is why we were so jazzed to get to talk to NYC-based celebrity certified nutritionist, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, whose clients include Ryan Seacrest, Bobbi Brown, a bunch of Bravo housewives and PureWow fave Kelly Ripa. We had to know: How does Ripa continue to look so incredible? Read on for five of Gioffre’s nutrition tips that you can totally steal.

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1. She Starts Her Day with a Green Juice

According to Dr. Gioffre, Ripa starts each morning with a green juice featuring the Acid-Kicking Daily Greens from his Alkamind line. “Starting the day out with a green juice or smoothie is something I recommend to all my patients as it drives down inflammation, builds healthier blood, detoxifies your body, and gives you a powerful blend of antioxidants that boost energy and immunity,” he says. Per Dr. Gioffre, juices like this are high in chlorophyll, which is a great source of vitamin A, C, E and K, antioxidants and important immune boosting minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. 

2. She Follows a High Alkaline, Low Acid Lifestyle

Dr. Gioffre is an alkaline and ketogenic diet expert, so it makes sense that his clients follow high alkaline diets. This way of eating, he tells us, “has the primary goal of reducing inflammation and acidity in the body that can drain us of energy and drive up inflammation.” The issue, he says, is that many of us are eating too many acidic foods, like sugar, grains, dairy, processed foods and coffee. He says that acidic foods like these make your body have to work harder to keep your pH balanced. While you can’t change your blood pH, he says that by eating healthy alkaline foods, we can take the burden off our body.

3. She Lives in Moderation

“My motto is moderation, not deprivation,” Dr. Gioffre urges, adding that Ripa is a great example of this. “Her schedule is demanding and jam-packed, so at the end of the day, she needs something that is sustainable. I don’t like using the word diet with clients either—instead, we find the balance that works with their lifestyle to get them to optimal health and energy.” If 80 percent of your lifestyle is healthy, it gives some wiggle room to enjoy my life. “For example, if Kelly wants a little chocolate, she’ll have chocolate covered almonds, so she’s not feeling deprived, yet there are still some healthy ingredients in there.” It’s all about making better choices.

4. She Eats 99% Plant-Based

Ripa consumes a mostly plant-based diet that consists primarily of healthy, plant-based fats, lots of greens, moderate protein and low carbs and sugar (though she’ll occasionally opt for wild-caught fish). “Some of her favorite plant-based meals are big salad for lunch with microgreens, avocado, extra virgin olive oil and lemon, and some healthy nuts,” Dr. Gioffre tells us. “This healthy combo of minerals and premium keto fats energizes and fuels the rest of her day.”  

5. She Exercises Every Day

While the foods we eat are of utmost importance, exercise plays a part, too. For her part, Ripa trains with Anna Kaiser, founder of Anna Kaiser Studios (who told us about what she eats in a day last year). “Now that we’re all spending more time at home, Anna Kaiser has created a phenomenal at-home virtual workout that we can all do indoors, even with kids around,” Dr. Gioffre adds. Other options he suggests are bouncing on a rebounder for ten minutes, riding a stationary bike, doing yoga, walking around your home or going for a brisk walk (while wearing a facemask and being sure to maintain six feet of physical distance from others). 

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