Here’s Exactly How Kacey Musgraves Stays in Shape on Tour, According to Her Trainer

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As a six-time Grammy winner and touring musician, you better believe Kacey Musgraves’s life gets busy. But whether she’s home writing music or bussing from state to state on a nationwide tour, the 31-year-old “Butterflies” singer prioritizes her health with the help of celebrity trainer Erin Opera.

PureWow recently chatted with Opera, who also counts Maren Morris and several other high-profile country stars as clients, about how Musgraves trains on tour (and her new Dymatize for the Resolve to Inspire Contest, of course).

“Kacey has worked her butt off and I couldn’t be prouder of her. We’ve been able to keep her on track with the crazy schedule she’s had over the last couple years,” Opera said. “Some workouts that we’ve loved doing that can be done on the bus are Tabatas. I also love turning fitness into a game because why not make it fun but still challenging?”

So what are Tabatas? The celeb trainer broke down two exact routines that she does with Musgraves. (You can also follow along with her Pretty Muscles app, where she shares variations of the workouts she does with all her clients.)

Opera explained, “Tabatas are a four-minute workout that involves 20-second bursts of exercise followed by 10 secs of rest for 8 rounds. You can do so much with it.” Here’s one Tabata routine she loves. 

  • Round one: Pushups 
  • Round two: Plank with chest taps 
  • Repeat rounds one and two until you complete eight rounds. (FYI: There’s even a handy-dandy Tabata timer on her app.) 

If Musgraves is in the mood to do something other than Tabata, Opera will often lead a Sumo Squat game. Here’s how to follow along.

  • Complete ten small sumo squat jumps (a sumo squat is just like a regular squat but your stance is wider than hip-width and feet and knees are pointing outward )
  • Hold your squat for ten seconds in the down position 
  • Complete nine sumo squat jumps 
  • Hold in the down position for ten seconds
  • Complete eight sumo squat jumps
  • Hold in the down position for ten seconds and repeat this formula until you get down to a single rep.

Needless to say, this one burns.

Although working out is a major part of how Musgraves stays in shape while on the road, Opera notes that “you can’t out-train a bad diet, so eating clean is a must.” Opera encourages carbs as long as they’re eaten earlier in the day so they can serve as a source of energy. A breakfast might look like oatmeal with berries or eggs. Lunch could be a quinoa bowl with veggies and protein. For dinner, Opera says Musgraves specifically likes salmon salads.

Last but not least, the celeb trainer recommends her clients eat some form of protein immediately after a workout.

So there you have it, Kacey Musgraves’s complete wellness routine. Maybe this will finally give us the abs we’ve been unsuccessfully honing for years. Maybe.


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