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You’re an INTJ, one of the most mysterious of the 16 Myers-Briggs types—you’re simultaneously a dreamer and a cynic, and you tend to be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. But you’re not a fan of sentimental stuff and you find it tough to make friends, so going to see the new Reese Witherspoon movie or meeting friends of friends for a happy hour isn’t exactly your idea of fun. Don’t sweat it: You think differently than other Myers-Briggs types, and you need to unwind differently, too.

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crosswords and coffee

Do a Crossword Puzzle

As an INTJ, you’re analytical, no-nonsense and love a challenge. But you can also get over-stimulated easily, and loud rooms and parties can overwhelm you. Engage your brain and unwind with The New York Times crossword puzzle—Monday is the easiest, and it gets significantly more challenging throughout the week. (And if you’re not a pen-and-paper gal, try the app).

stressed taking a nap

Take a Nap

You’re ambitious and driven, but because you’re an introvert, you need a fair amount of downtime, too. Chances are, you’ve been skimping on sleep and could use a little extra. Pull down the blinds, change into comfy PJ pants and commit to a good nap at least once a week. You’ll feel more balanced and centered after you’ve given yourself a little break.

organize the laundry

Organize Something

As an INTJ, your mind is usually in a billion places at once. And when you’re feeling particularly stressed out, it can be tough to turn off looming thoughts about next week’s work project, your friend coming to visit next weekend and your doctor’s appointment on Friday morning. The next time you feel overwhelmed with too much to do, take an hour to focus on one single repetitive task, like organizing your filing cabinet or folding laundry. The activity will feel meditative and help you get out of that anxiety-inducing stress spiral.

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