4 Ways to Support Your Favorite Fitness Studios Right Now

how to support fitness studios

Like schools, bars, restaurants and stores, gyms and fitness studios around the country are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. That got us thinking: How can we support our favorite yoga studios, boxing gyms and more without actually going there in person? Luckily, fitness platform ClassPass has some solutions. Here are four ways to show some love to your beloved instructors during this uncertain time. 

1. Contribute To Studios Through The Classpass App

You can now donate money to your favorite studios directly through the ClassPass app, and, best of all, ClassPass announced that it will be matching the total amount of contributions made through the app up to $1 million as part of its Partner Relief Fund. To contribute, open the app and tap on any partner card in the Home tab, or in the Past/Favorite sections of the Profile tab. Once you navigate to the main partner page, you should see a “give” button, where you can donate.

2. Livestream Classes

ClassPass partners around the world can now list livestream classes and private virtual coaching sessions on ClassPass. You can book them using your credits, even if your account is paused. For the next two months, partners will receive 100 percent of the proceeds from these purchases.

3. Buy Class Packs, Gift Cards And Merch

This one doesn't involve ClassPass, but there's never been a better time to spend money directly with the studios you love. Whether that means buying class packages to use in the future, gift cards or branded merchandise, it's a great way to support small fitness businesses while they're closed. 

4. Sign Classpass's Petition For Government Assistance To Studios

In an email, ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman announced that the company is launching a petition asking governments to help studios, gyms and wellness providers get through COVID-19-related shutdowns. Sign the petition here, then share it on your social media channels to get the word out. 

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