20 Girls’ Night Out Ideas That Are Way Better Than Dinner and Drinks

You’re long overdue for a night out with your friend group, but the dinner and drinks routine is starting to feel a little stale. Good news: We rounded up 20 fresh girls’ night out ideas—from glamping to trivia—so you can enjoy a more meaningful social experience with your favorite people.

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girls night out ideas do a wine tasting
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1. Do A Wine Tasting

Ditch the dive bar and keep things classy with an evening of wine tasting at a local vineyard. Tastings provide an opportunity to learn about the winemaking process, fine tune your palate and socialize with friends in one fell swoop. Plus, wine is delicious and there’s a good chance your friends agree.

girls night out ideas visit a bathhouse
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2. Visit A Bathhouse

Saunas, steam rooms, pools and spa treatments (for an extra fee) are among the amenities on offer at bathhouses. Invite your besties to join you for a shvitz and you’ll all walk away feeling pampered and relaxed.

girls night out ideas find a trivia night
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3. Find A Trivia Night

Even at the diviest of dive bars, trivia is just plain fun, and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone…

girls night out ideas take a boat ride
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4. Take A Boat Ride

Where there’s water, there are boats; where there are boats, there are booze cruises. Invite your friends to join you for a scenic sail with a sober captain so everyone can enjoy the view whilst chatting and sipping cocktails to their hearts’ content.

girls night out ideas see a concert
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5. See A Concert

If you and the gals have similar taste in music, try to score tickets to see one of your favorite artists perform. Depending on the show, this girls’ night out idea might be a bit costly, but the occasional splurge is totally worth it, ya know?

girls night out ideas visit a museum
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6. Visit A Museum

Why not go to a museum with a small group (think: one to two friends) for an evening of culture and good company? Some museums—like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example—offer special date nights at which you can stroll through the exhibits while sipping on bubbly and sampling hors d'oeuvres (and romance isn’t a prerequisite to attend).

girls night out ideas play laser tag
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7. Play Laser Tag

Bond with your friends and blow off steam with an evening of laser tag. An excellent option if you’re looking for a girls’ night out that doesn’t revolve around booze, this fast-paced and inherently social activity is fun for groups both large and small.

girls night out ideas go gallery hopping
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8. Go Gallery Hopping

Gallery openings come with the added benefit of free food and drink, but any gallery tour provides a cultural experience that’s conducive to engaging conversation and quality time.

girls night out ideas hit up a karaoke bar
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9. Hit Up A Karaoke Bar

You might not have the chutzpah to belt out Mariah Carey’s “Hero” all by yourself…but when you’re part of a girl group, well, that’s a different story. Bottom line: Head to a karaoke bar with friends so you can live the American Idol dream (sort of).

girls night out ideas cat
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10. Have A Progressive Dinner

We’re not talking politics, friends. A progressive dinner refers to a multi-course and multi-destination meal that allows all parties to sample a variety of food at the best restaurants in the hood.

girls night out ideas go to a drive in movie
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11. Go To A Drive-in Movie

This throwback viewing experience pairs well with a family-size bag of potato chips and running commentary from your funniest friends.

girls night out ideas head to the mall
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12. Head To The Mall

Channel your inner Cher—Horowitz, that is—and head to the mall with your posse for some retail therapy. Bonus points if you match your scrunchie to your skirt.

girls night out ideas tour a local brewery
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13. Tour A Local Brewery

Enjoy a cold one with those closest to you by planning a girls’ night at a microbrewery where you can learn a thing or two about the craft while getting your drink on.

girls night out ideas go bowling
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14. Go Bowling

Yup, bowling is the bee’s knees—namely because there’s food, drink and fun to be had no matter how much you suck at the sport. Plus, bowling is ideal for intermittent socializing that never feels awkward. (Psst: We heard from a friend that the bowling alley is also a perfect place to meet your future partner.)

girls night out ideas yuk it up at a comedy show
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15. Yuk It Up At A Comedy Show

Comedy shows can be hit or miss, but that’s half the fun. Take your chances on a stand-up show or open mic night near you and everyone will have something to talk about afterwards.

girls night out ideas take a class
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16. Take A Class

Bond with your besties by learning a new skill together. You’ve got plenty of options—yoga sesh, cooking class, tranquil paint and sip, what have you—just aim for an activity with a level playing field. (Hint: No one really wants to be put to shame by Sara’s superior sewing skills.)

girls night out ideas go glamping
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17. Go Glamping

Fact: The great outdoors is even greater when you go full glamp. Get your girls together for some fresh air and quality time without sacrificing comfort. This idea requires some planning ahead, but after enjoying soft cheese and wine around a campfire and sinking into a goose-down pillow under the stars, all parties will agree the hard work was well worth the effort.

girls night out ideas go to a roller rink
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18. Go To A Roller Rink

Is there anything more scrapbook-worthy than those pics of you and your pals holding hands while you (clumsily) skate your way around a roller rink? We think not.

girls night out ideas play the slots
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19. Play The Slots

Or a few rounds of blackjack, perhaps? There’s plenty of fun to be had when you take a trip to the casino with friends—just be sure to set a budget before you go, so you don’t suffer gambler’s regret the next day.

girls night out ideas see a psychic
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20. See A Psychic

We have it on good authority that it’s best for at least one friend to be present when a palm reader tells you that your career line is…nonexistent.

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