This Season’s Dating Trend to Watch Out for Is ‘Freckling’

couple dating in summer freckling trend

Ah, summer. A time for frosés, frolicking in the sun and adorable freckles. But one seasonal materialization that we’re less enthused about? The latest dating trend, dubbed "freckling."

Inspired by those sweet spots that typically appear in sunnier months and then fade away come September, freckling is when people shack up in the summer in order to enjoy those long, lazy days together, before uncoupling in the fall.

It’s basically the summer version of cuffing (i.e., the winter dating trend when single people are motivated by cold weather to find an S.O.).

How does this differ from your standard summer fling? According to AskMen, who coined the term, freckling usually happens with someone you know and never officially ends. Instead, frecklers (because, of course, they have a name) remain in contact throughout the year, say by randomly liking each other's social media posts. A freckler could then potentially re-emerge next summer. (Like actual freckles, get it?)

Look, there’s definitely nothing wrong with some fun in the sun and when it comes to dating, you do you. But we only just wrapped our heads around what ghosting, orbiting and zombie-ing mean. Do we really need a word to describe what happens when your summer romance disappears the moment you retire your AC unit? (Answer: No.)

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