When we’re constantly consuming news, sometimes a quick pick-me-up looks like taking five or 10 minutes to shift your perspective. These stories below are the perfect way to make that happen. From mood-boosting tips and Y2K music videos to a little online shopping spree, read up on our favorite stories of the month and savor a fresh lease on the day.

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1. Try This 10-Second TikTok Trick for Getting Rid of the Sunday Blues

Nope, you don’t need a fancy new skincare tool or a meticulously planned grocery-store run to banish the Sunday blues. Just try this 10-second trick that involves one of the five senses (can you guess which one?).

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2. 36 Mother’s Day Songs That Will Give You All the Feels

From Elvis to Drake and everything in between, these tribute songs to mom will make you both shed a happy tear.

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3. Is Prom the Best Night of High School? I Called My Date From 20 Years Ago to See What He Remembered

One editor reminisces about this pivotal night to decide whether or not it was actually as magical as she remembers. (Spoiler alert: It kinda was.)

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4. 28 People on the Best Advice They Ever Received from Their Therapists

From changes to choices to making peace, 28 women are opening the gate to the most helpful things they’ve learned from their time in therapy.

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5. 6 Ridiculous Things That Happened in Every Y2K-Era Music Video (& How They Shaped Millennials Forever)

First you’ll laugh, then you’ll relate, then you’ll laugh some more. And yes, you should block off time on your calendar to watch every music video from start to finish.

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6. 32 Cookie Butter Recipes That We Can’t Stop Dreaming About

How can you not feel good merely reading the words “cookie butter”? Sweeten up your night by whipping up one or two (or more, we’re not judging) of these irresistible recipes.

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7. 4 Chip & Joanna Gaines-Designed Homes You Can Rent on VRBO

You watch them. You love them. You want to live in one of their homes. Good news: now you kind of can.

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8. 33 Sustainable Fashion Brands You Should Be Shopping in 2022

Feel good about your choices, feel good about your life. And it definitely doesn’t hurt when the clothes are this cute.

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