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You’ve sworn off plastic bags, cut back on buying beverages in single-use bottles and started bringing lunch to work every day in a stylish glass container. Congrats, you’re living green in 2020. However, you should consider giving your wardrobe a revamp and eschewing all those fast-fashion brands for something a little more eco-friendly. Just in time for Earth Day, we’re highlighting the ten best sustainable fashion brands of 2020. Go on, shop for the sake of our planet.

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1. Summersalt

You might already know this brand for its 100 percent recycled swimsuits, all of which are insanely flattering. But don’t overlook Summersalt’s workout gear—including these gym shorts ($65) that are designed to be moisture-wicking and are made with sun protection. All the packing materials, from hang tags to polybags, are made from recycled products, and Summersalt also recommends using the resealable mailer to tote around wet bathing suits or sweaty gym clothes. Brilliant!



The name AMUR stands for “a mindful use of resources,” so you’d better believe this brand’s stunning floral dresses and dreamy summer blouses are made sustainably. That means using hemp and linen because they require less water and fertilizer to produce, in addition to reclaimed and regenerated textiles. If you’re planning to buy just one dress for the five weddings you have on the calendar this summer, go with one from AMUR. They’re built to last (including those delicate summer ruffles) and even the mother of the bride will compliment your look.


3. Common Era

Every piece of jewelry from this female-owned business features ethical gems and precious metals. That means the earrings won’t turn your earlobes green, and the opals, rubies and pearls are sourced with a clean conscience. If you have yet to add a gold coin bauble or baroque pearl to your collection, now’s the time.


4. Reformation

If you don’t know about Reformation and its sustainable initiatives, well, what rock have you been living under? A go-to for everyday blouses and bridesmaids dresses alike, the whole brand was built on the notion that sustainability in fashion begins with the fibers and that leftover fabric can definitely be used again and again. Yep, they focus on the nitty-gritty (even going so far as releasing a Sustainability Report Card each year) to make sure that slinky linen dress looks great on you and looks great for the future of our planet. P.S. Don’t sleep on Ref Jeans, a collection of denim and T-shirts that you won’t want to take off. Ever.


5. Frank & Oak

This cool Canadian company is a Certified B Corporation, which means Frank & Oak “meet[s] the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.” Their cute cardis are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester, while their denim is rivet-less (because removing the metal detail makes it easier to recycle). The brand also offers a monthly subscription service called Style Plan, which is packed with four items that range from trendy separates to must-have basics, all tailored to your taste by a Frank & Oak stylist. And (this is the best part) you can veto or approve every piece before it’s shipped out to you.


6. Girlfriend Collective

Wait, these workout sets won’t break the bank, are made out of recycled water bottles and come in a muted rainbow of colors? Yeah, Girlfriend Collective is that good. Oh, BTW, they’re also size-inclusive (up to 6XL) and there is a whole maternity range. Plus, each item lists how many discarded bottles it was created from, in addition to the amount of CO2 emissions that were prevented and how much water was saved. That’s so you can educate yourself while looking real cute...or working out.


7. Behno

Here’s proof that a luxe handbag can be good for the environment. Behno’s sleek belt bags and slouchy hobos are ethically produced in India, with leather that’s collected as a result of the existing food chain and made with limited fabric waste. Plus, the company has a heartwarming roster of additional initiatives, including its latest collection in partnership with the National Down Syndrome Society. Not only does a percentage of each sale benefit the nonprofit but a few members of the organization’s community are now Behno models.


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8. Another Tomorrow

Another Tomorrow serves up impeccably tailored workwear with equal thought placed on both the impact of each thread of wool and the fit of the trousers. The brand launched early in 2020 and made a splash in the market with its clear dedication to transparency. In fact, each crisp blouse and classic trench coat contains a tag with a QR code so you can scan it to see exactly where each facet of the garment originates from.


9. Boyish Jeans

Boyish Jeans has a goal to make your daily dose of denim totally zero waste. The brand uses fewer chemicals than its competitors and maintains the smallest carbon footprint possible, which explains why its yarn, fabric and manufacturing facilities are all within 30 miles of one another. But the company also has tons of fits, fades and cuts that will seamlessly work with your wardrobe—like these faded crops ($168) that we want to wear right now.


10. Thousand Fell

With just two styles—a slip-on and a lace-up—Thousand Fell is making the simple white sneaker you’ll actually wear all year long. These vegan kicks are stain-proof, water-resistant and odor-repellent, so you can truly get your money’s worth. But they were also designed to be taken apart and easily recycled, repurposed or biodegraded. Once you’re ready for a new pair, just ship the grungy kicks back to Thousand Fell and you’ll get a discount to use on your next purchase.


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