Your Handy Guide to Birth Flower Meanings

You've got strong preferences as to which flower you want on your birthday (pale pink peonies, please and thanks). But do you know what your actual birth flower is? And its symbolism? Here, a handy lil’ guide to what your birth month says about your personality...according to the secret language of flowers.

The Secret Meaning Behind Your Birthstone

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January: Carnation

January babies are colorful, charming and hungry for life’s adventures. These frilly blooms symbolize fascination, as well as distinction of character.

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February: Violet

February babies are the most steadfast and reliable of companions. These modest purple pretties exemplify loyalty and faithfulness to loved ones.

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March: Daffodil

March babies are endlessly generous and affectionate. These sunny-hued, early spring blooms stand for boundless, abundant love.

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April: Sweet Pea

April babies are masters of regeneration, and tackling change with grace. These fragrant, fluffy blooms symbolize the beauty in saying goodbye and embracing new chapters.

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May: Lily Of The Valley

May babies are especially grounded and down-to-earth. These delicate, unpretentious wildflowers symbolize sweetness and humility.

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June: Rose

June babies are a lucky lot, and boy do they know it and show it. The classic rose is a universal symbol of sincere, unwavering gratitude.

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July: Water Lily

July babies live by a “simple is best” philosophy. These water-dwelling stunners symbolize the power of purity (as well as a majestic presence).

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August: Poppy

August babies don’t just dream big; they live big, too. These punchy-hued, ethereal flowers represent an appreciation of pleasure and the power of the imagination.

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September: Morning Glory

September babies wear their hearts on their sleeves. This climbing, trumpet-like bloom stands for bestowing affection generously.

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October: Cosmo

October babies are the preeminent pacifists of the calendar year. These whimsical, jewel-toned beauties symbolize complete peace and serenity.

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November: Chrysanthemum

November babies have boundless energy and lust for life. These hardy, happy fall plants symbolize youth and longevity.

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December: Holly

December babies share a family-first mentality. These quintessential winter berries are a universal symbol of domestic happiness.


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