5 Long Lasting Flowers You Can Buy at The Grocery Store

From the best angle to trim stems to the optimum water temperature for perkiness, we’ve done our research when it comes to keeping cut flowers alive. But the question remains: Which blooms actually give you the best bang for your buck? Next time you treat yourself to a bouquet at checkout, we highly suggest grabbing one of these five beautiful and long lasting flower varieties—all of which have an impressive vase life of two to four weeks.

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

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1. Alstroemeria: 2 Weeks

You’ve probably seen these guys for years...and now you know their name. The speckled, trumpet-shaped blooms will last up to 14 days when given fresh water daily (they’re big drinkers, so don’t skimp). A word to the wise: The green leaves on alstroemeria stems will turn yellow and wilt well before the flowers themselves finish blooming. So simply pluck off the browning leaves as they appear, and continue to enjoy your colorful florals for days, even weeks, afterward.


2. Cut Lilies: 2 Weeks

When purchased fresh, fragrant lilies often take a week before the tight buds even open. It’s also not uncommon for one bud to burst open, but another on the same stem to take an additional five to ten days to show its colors. The result? A bouquet that’s elegant, always evolving and, best of all, super long-lasting. P.S. Be sure to remove messy pollen pods and place your lilies out of direct sunlight for maximum life extension.


3. Carnations: 3weeks

Carnations get a bad rap for being “cheap,” but honestly what’s not to love? They’re cheerful, wallet-friendly, come in every color under the sun and look super chic when cut short and arranged simply. Oh, and did we mention they last a whopping three weeks? Just remember to remove any petals or leaves that hit at water level or below, and to freshen their H2O supply regularly.


4. Allium: 2-3 Weeks

Don’t these purple orbs make you happy just looking at 'em? Good news—the voluminous sculptural blooms last between two and three weeks when cared for properly. Very important note: They’re actually from the same family as onions, shallots and leeks, and their water can start to smell like it if you don’t refresh frequently.


5. Chrysanthemum: 4 Weeks

These ubiquitous blooms are by far the best value for dollar spent: They last a whole 25 to 30 days. To keep them fresher longer, opt for chrysanthemums with nice long stems, and trim those suckers every few days.


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