You’re hosting a dinner party and everything’s ready to go. The flatbread is in the oven, the candles are lit, but--wait--the buds of your should-be-adorable flower arrangement are still closed. Here’s a super-easy way to get those flowers to open up, even as the “On my way!” texts are pouring in.

What you need: Fresh flowers, kitchen scissors, two vases and water

What you do: Cut the stems of your flowers on a 45-degree angle. Fill one vase (any old temporary one) with warm water and fill the presentable vase with cold water. Then place those stubborn blooms in the warm water and letthem sit for one minute. Finally, remove them from the warm water and transfer them to the cold water.

What happens next: About 20 minutes later you’ll have beautiful flowers in full bloom. And your arriving guests will be none the wiser. 

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