Calling All September Babies: Science Confirms You're More Successful Than Everybody Else

september baby study hero

You do everything you can to make sure your kid succeeds, but could that start before they're even conceived? Maybe.

According to new research from the University of Toronto, Northwestern University and the University of Florida, a child's birth month is a good indicator of future school success.

Apparently, babies born in September have the academic upper hand since, in 19 states, the cutoff date for starting kindergarten is September 1. That means September babies are often the oldest and most developed in their classes. On the flip side, August babies are often the youngest and least mature in class, meaning they might struggle a bit more than they would've had they been born a few weeks later.

And while that advantage begins at age five, researchers found that it carries through as kids get older: September babies are more likely to attend college and less likely to get sent to jail for committing a juvenile crime.

Totally makes being super pregnant in August worth it, huh?