A Complete Ranking of Every Single Sex Toy I—a Sex Writer—Tried in the Last Year

Let’s be honest—the world hasn’t gone easy on any of us lately. As a sexual wellness advocate, one thing I know for sure is that the relationship we have with our bodies can either exacerbate the stress of life or make it all the more manageable. As I balance my personal and professional life, I find my relationship to my mental health, my desires and my body to be what I continue to come back to for strength—no matter what is happening around me. I invest money in sex toys that make me feel empowerment, tension relief and true joy. Here are the ten toys I’ve loved the most this past year.

25 of the Best Sex Toys for Women That Will Seriously Rock Your World

smile makers the romantic

1. Smile Makers The Romantic

I had my first g spot orgasm with this toy. For this reason, it will be my #1 for life. Perfectly designed with the user’s anatomy in mind, it gets the job done in a fabulous new way. I highly recommend it if you're on the hunt for your first internal O. Smooth to the touch and fabulously sized, it gets the job done for sure. Enjoy!

smile makers the artist

2. Smile Makers The Artist

The Artist is the first rabbit vibrator on the market to provide equal power to both the internal and external motors. Equipped with nine pre-programmed pulsating modes, this is the perfect toy if you are inspired by exploring new speeds, angles and pulsating modes that simply cannot be provided with a classic vibrator.

smile makers the poet

3. Smile Makers The Poet

Because no two clitorises are sized the same, the mouth of the toy needs to be a good fit. The Poet has three interchangeable suction mouths that feel extremely different, so it’s fun to try them out and see which one fits your body best. The indirect clitoral stimulation provided by the air pulsing is a really deep sensation that I haven’t experienced with standard vibrators.

better love womanizer

4. Womanizer Classic Ii

First off, this clitoral stimulator set the gold standard for clitoral suction toys with its patented Pleasure Air technology. Offering eight intensity levels, the Pleasure Air technology provides a really nice balance between massaging and pulsating gentle air on your body, making it easy to feel pleasure at your own pace in a delicate yet powerful way.

mysteryvibe poco

5. Mysteryvibe Poco

Mysteryvibe’s small, bendable bullet vibrator Poco gives you more options than you might know what to do with. It conforms to your body shape, which helps reach your endogenous zones during solo or partnered sex. Poco is equipped with technology that will help you create your own pulsating pattern that guides you to climax using their free app. Yes, that’s right—there’s an app. Great for getting off with a lover from afar.

we vibe touch x

6. We-vibe Touch X

We Vibe intentionally designed this toy to be a vibrator, facial beauty tool and overall body massager—all in one. It has seven different vibration modes and eight different intensities. Using it felt like being with an amazing lover who was whispering sweet nothings into my ear in multiple languages. I honestly didn’t know what the hell was coming next, but I was excited to find out. I had a lot of fun with this toy and learned more about my connection to my body, too.

dame eva

7. Dame Eva

Eva is my favorite partner vibrator. A small insertable, it stays out of the way during penetrative sex so that you can focus on the moment. Its flexible wings tuck under your labia and rest on your clitoris area, making it virtually hands-free. While the timing wasn’t totally in my control, I knew it delivered fabulous results.

smile makers the french lover

8. Smile Makers The French Lover

Designed to mimic a real-life tongue, it’s easily one of the most realistic toys I’ve ever used. Some people really like their toys to feel like toys, rather than mimicking a human. For that reason, it might not be your thing, but I liked it a lot. Its thin silicone edge emulates the feel of a fabulous oral sex session packed with tons of power and variety. Equipped with four speeds and two pulsation modes, it will suit whatever mood you’re in.

smile makers firefighter

9. Smile Maker The Firefighter

This clitoral vibrator heats things up quickly. There are four different speeds to play with depending what fantasy you’re feeling. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was considering how powerful the speeds felt. If internal stimulation is more your thing, this would not be my recommendation. It was a bit uncomfortable when I attempted that because it’s very artfully designed for exterior pleasure.

better love tap dancer

10. Better Love The Tap Dancer

The Tap Dancer is an ergonomic handheld silicone vibrator designed with Better Love’s patented TAPPLEASURE™ technology. It was created to mimic the human touch you would feel during foreplay, just with more variety. However, I will say some of the settings were a bit too much for me. At its strongest vibrational setting, it felt less like a tap dance and more like something out of the iconic Off-Broadway show STOMP.

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