The 10 Best Motivational Apps to Help You Kick Butt Today (and Every Day After That)

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We’ve been there. And by “there,” we mean browsing Instagram’s Discovery tab for two straight hours. Yeah…sometimes we need a little kick in the bum to get us going. So we’ve rounded up ten of the best motivational apps that were built to pump you up and get you ready to take on the world. Ready, set, go!

1. ThinkUp

Cost: The free version allows three affirmations and one default background music. The premium ($8 monthly/$40 annually) allows unlimited affirmations and music to choose from.

With a catalog of over 300 positive affirmations from health and wellness experts, ThinkUp lets you save your favorite ones and even record your own voice reading them. Self-talk can be a great tool to fill your mind with positive thoughts, boost your mood and develop a daily routine. Just select an affirmation, press record, add some music and play it back whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Download:  iOS and Android.

2. The Fabulous

Cost: $10 monthly/$96 annually for access to everything.

The Fabulous is essentially your virtual life coach. Using science-backed advice and daily activities—think: workouts, meditations and more—the app is engineered to guide you from a stressed, chaotic mess to a focused and calm person who actually gets eight hours of sleep.

Download:  iOS and Android.

3. Motivation

Cost: Subscriptions range from $3 to $60 filled with all the themes and categories, unlimited reminders and ability to search up quotes.

We all need a positive reminder every once in a while, and this app does just that delivering daily quotes to get your day started on a brighter note. You’re able to customize the design, share with friends and save your faves. Whether you’re into life lessons, philosophy or iconic movie lines, Motivation has an extensive collection to get you, well, motivated.

Download: iOS and Android.

4. Sanity & Self

Cost: $10 monthly/$60 annually for 900+ sessions, offline downloads and unlimited messaging with experts.

Sanity & Self was designed to help users (especially teens) dig deeper using audio sessions focus on mental health, relationships and more. Along with the sessions, the app gives you a chance to connect with a real-life therapist, life coach or relationship experts and text them directly.

Download: iOS and Android.

5. Shine

Cost: $12 monthly/$54 annually for access to the programs, meditations and an invite into the digital community.

Shine helps you manage your stress and/or anxiety with over 600 meditations, science-backed programs and daily motivational messages. When you’re not browsing through their audio catalog, check out the Daily Shine podcast to help you find ways to control your thoughts, feelings and actions. But the coolest thing about Shine is the digital community (aka the Shine Squad) its amassed—about 3 million members—that doubles as a massive support system when you interact with others straight from the app.

Download: iOS and Android

6. Ten Percent Happier

Cost: $99 annually to unlock all 500+ videos, guided meditations including “Daily Dose” meditation of the day and personal coaching.

Ten Percent Happier, inspired by journalist Dan Harris’s New York Time’s best-selling book, has guided meditations, talks and access to personal one-on-ones with their coaches. Check out the app’s audio and visual resources to learn how to meditate, reduce anxiety or even find better ways to fall asleep. New content is added weekly to help improve your new meditation and mindfulness skills and (like the name describes) become a little bit happier.

Download: iOS and Android

7. Reflectly

Cost: $4 monthly/$48 annually to create unlimited stories, new daily questions and more insights.

Remember when we kept a diary to jot down our most inner thoughts (like your crush from the 4th grade)? Well, Reflectly wants to be your digital journal to help reflect (get it?) on your life with a virtual assistant guiding the way. Let it all out on the app—the good or the bad—by answering their daily questions and unlocking insights into tackling your hurdles.

Download: iOS and Android

8. Daily Quote

Cost: Free and offers in-app purchases.

The Daily Quote app has countless messages to explore and spark some creativity. Whether you want to read it yourself or have it read to you (with a simple “motivate me,” “inspired me,” or “activate positivity,” to your phone’s smart assistant), get a daily dose of wisdom. You can even add a quote of your own if you like.

Download: iOS and Android

9. Forest

Cost: $1.99 and offers in-app purchases.

Having trouble staying focused? Instead of scrolling through social media, maintain your “forest” by planting and caring for your own virtual trees. The twist? The more you check in on your trees, the quicker they die. Why? The idea is that Forest wants you to stay away from your distracting phone so that you can be productive in real life. For every credit earned (by staying away from your phone), a tree is planted and the company donates to Trees for the Future, a non-profit that plants tree around the world. So far, the app alone has helped plant over 700,000 trees.

Download: iOS and Android

10. Peptalk

Cost: $70 annually for unlimited recordings and offline listening.

This is basically Coach Taylor in your back pocket. Peptalk’s curated audio playlist of inspirational speeches might just be the thing to get your up and at ‘em. The app has a range of topics to check out and some famous influential speakers (hi, Oprah). It even lets you record your own story to inspire others.

Download: iOS

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