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This Phone Mount Has Been a Gamechanger for WFH (& Working Out From Home)
Sofia Kraushaar/ PopSockets

According to my iPhone notifications, I’ve been spending an average of five hours a day staring at my phone. (And I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has amped up their screen time while in quarantine.) But I’ve actually been using my phone for a number of totally different purposes than before. By that, I’m referring to the unprecedented hours I spend on FaceTime, GoogleHangouts and Zoom—all three apps that I maybe spent mere minutes on before. As such, I’m a total noob when it comes to figuring out the best way to keep my phone at a flattering angle, while also not giving whoever’s on the other end of the camera motion sickness. Until I stumbled upon PopSocket’s Car & Desk Mount.

I should preface this by saying that you’ll need a PopSocket affixed to the back of your phone, but once you have that Opal design or custom PopSocket with a pic from your wedding day, you’ll be good to go. See, the knob of the PopSocket rests in the prongs of the almost sculptural looking mount, allowing your phone to be positioned vertically or horizontally. You can also twist open the modern design, opting between two heights and adjusting it to the angle that’s the most forgiving to your uh, chin area. I’ve been told by friends and coworkers alike that my video chatting with me, as of late, has become much easier on their eyes (and it’s not because I’ve started wearing concealer again).

But even when I’m not on a call, I use this as a desk accessory. The PopSocket Mount keeps my phone within my eyeline while I’m working, just in case an important text (or Instagram notification) comes through.

And I’ve been able to further integrate it into my life, as it’s become my new favorite workout accessory. Seriously. Whenever I tune in for an Instagram Live workout with my fave fitness instructors (shout out to @Javipee and @yogavida), I use it to prop up my iPhone. It allows me to keep the video at an angle where I don’t have to crane my neck—and that’s true whether I’m doing dance cardio or getting into some Tracy Anderson mat work. As someone who suffers from stress-related neck and shoulder pain, anything that encourages me to maintain good posture during a workout is a savior.

The only thing I don’t love about it? The PopSocket Mount has a super sticky suction cup on the bottom. While it does give it a powerful grip on any and all surfaces, it feels a touch more heavy-duty than I would like, scaring me that it will leave rings on my wooden dresser or that I’ll accidentally peel the paint off my bedside table. I did, however, discover a hack. The Mount comes with a disk for use on the dashboard of a car, but can also easily be affixed to the suction cup when needed. I just slip the disk under the Mount when it’s on my desk and get on with my day. 

Oh, and once this quarantine is all over, The PopSocket Mount will definitely become a welcome fixture in my car—my years of holding a phone on my lap while attempting to navigate are finally over.

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