31 Astrology Gifts (All Under $100) for the Mystic in Your Life

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Who on your list wants astrology gifts? The pal who's quoting their most recent horoscope. The friend banging on about the significance of Mercury in retrograde. Or perhaps it's the person who's just looking for a smidge of affirmation about their place on the planet. The quickest way to these folks' hearts, gifting-wise, is to choose a thoughtful prezzie that acknowledges their penchant for mystical thinking (like a zodiac manifestation candle), planetary attention (say, The Star Spinner Tarot deck) and maybe even their taste for a soupçon of kitsch (here's your new hand-embroidered astrology pillow). Peruse these 31 gifts—all under $100—that are sure to win you an appreciative palm-reading of thanks from your cosmically-inclined bestie.

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The Best Astrology Gifts at a Glance


Melanie Marie Zodiac Pendant Necklace

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Piecework Zodiac Mini Puzzle

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Birthdate Co Birthdate Candles

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Kaleidadope Astrol-OG: The Deck Cards

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Vintage Astrology Zodiac Wheel Floor Pillow

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Whether you opt for silver or gold, this zodiac motif pendant is perfect for those who would proudly wear their sign on their chest. The necklace comes in a standard 18 inches, and you can choose between sterling silver, 24-karat gold plated or rose gold plated silver depending on what your budding astrologer prefers.

This is the perfect gift for problem-solversboth literally and metaphysically. The Piecework Zodiac Mini Puzzle has stylized imagery for each of the signs in the form of a puzzle. From an image of an ornate orange vanity set up for Geminis to a display of disheveled vintage office supplies and spilled coffee for Capricorns, there's an aesthetic that fits each and every one of the 12 signs.

One of the most personalized gifts on this list? Birthdate Co.'s Birthdate Candles. There's one for all 365 days of the year, each with its own unique scent profile, individual reading, specific tarot card, ruling planet and ruling number. With 60 to 80 hours of burn time, a soy and coconut wax base and a reusable glass jar, what's not to love? If you're giftee wants to dive deep and learn more about themselves, this candle may be the cards for them.

Shopping for your bestie who's new to astrology? Kaleidadope's Astrol-OG: The Deck Cards are ideal for beginner tarot-inquirers. Chock full of information to guide you toward higher cosmic understanding, it features tarot/oracle-style cards in a sleek black and white design that takes the user through the different zodiac signs, houses, aspects, planets and cosmos. It's also great for users that are intrigued by how these aspects of tarot interact with one another.

Meditators, hearthside snugglers and coffee table dinner eaters—basically anyone who's hanging out on the rug—will appreciate this 26-inch circular floor pillow that's emblazoned with the symbols of the zodiac, rendered in soft-hued illustrations.

Anyone who's an experienced tarot practitioner will tell you that tarot cards should always be given as a gift. It brings the best form of love and positive energy to the deck and ensures the giftee will get years of good use out of them. The Star Spinner tarot deck is perfect for those with a whimsical and serene aesthetic. The delicate, yet detailed graphics will help you slip into that calm needed for a reading—whether it's for yourself or someone else. The deck is unique in that it's made up of 81 cards, instead of 78 because it has four different versions of The Lovers card, representing variations of love. There's one depicting a heterosexual couple, a lesbian couple, a gay couple and one that's a big more ambiguous, enabling you to select whichever variation suits you best—or keep all four in for some extra love.

When you’re an astology buff *and* a foodie, there’s nothing better than a box of zodiac-inspired gourmet chocolates. Compartés, the L.A.-based chocolatier, home of fantastic flavored chocolate bars like Donuts & Coffee and Cereal Bowl has just released their new TK box full of dark chocolate based truffles, each stuffed with a different filling to match the accompanying sign. Tangy tangerine for the Tauruses, seductive salt caramel for the Scorpios, luscious lemon for the Leos and so many more. Our personal favs: the fruity and decadent Aquarius apricot and Gemini guava. Each truffle is also painted with the astrological sign’s motif in a beautiful gold-colored edible ink. You might just wanna buy a box for yourself.

This cozy cotton sweatshirt will be what your giftee reaches for whenever she's lounging around the house. We especially love the contrasting white design on the darker fabric that really makes the motif pop. Each design features the name of the sign in an all-caps typeface, a crest with the sign's motif and the month range, as well as some wreath detailing to really give it that collegiate flair.

Broken down by element, the Melt Cosmetics Bad Side Zodiac eyeshadow palettes feature a swath of colors that will help elevate any makeup look. From bold reds and pinks for fire signs and peachy pinks and deep purples for air signs to smoky browns and blue hues for water signs and bright yellows, taupes and greens for earth signs, there's a shade for every sign. Plus you can mix palettes for a more dynamic, interstellar look. In addition to the individualized shades per sign, each palette has a built in mirror and cheeky saying printed below it to keep things interesting like "The only right way is your way. We know." Looking at you earth signs...

10. Seeing Stars Book

Stella Andromeda

Out loud and proud Leos, balanced Librans or go-with-the-flow Pisceans will appreciate knowing more about themselves from these 112-page illustrated coffee table books that afford deep looks at each sign's likes, dislikes and personality quirks (shout out to Capricorns for their excellent listening skills!).

Known for being the most organized of the zodiac signs, Virgo will be all over this sleek journal made of black textured vegan leather and accentuated with gold detailing. With a personalized introduction to the sign and 15 journal prompts specific to Virgo, they're guaranteed to be reaching for addition to the dozens of other filing materials, sticky notes and folders they've got in their possession to keep life sleek, tidy and in working order.

This series by Constance Stellas goes in-depth with each sign on the different ways they should practice that good, good self-love. Every installment has a stunning cover featuring motifs that are unique to the sign like crystals, florals, numbers and symbols. Some prime examples of tips that are included within the books are: Cancers might wanna check out scuba diving. Leos should look into attending music festivals. And Geminis could benefit for eucalyptus aromatherapy. Each of the volumes is packed with various practices, activities and mantras for the signs to live by. And really, who couldn't benefit from some extra TLC these days?

Expert astrologer Emily Klintworth will spend an hour with your giftee, coming up with a personal forecast for the year ahead. She'll chart your solar return, discover patterns of celestial energy in a month-to-month reading and leave them with a deeper connection to themselves and the potential that's waiting to burst forth.

Have you ever thought about incorporating the astrological signs into your skincare routine? If so, Pink Moon has you covered. Their collections of cleansers, moisturizers and serums are broken down by the zodiac signs and elements. Hydrating for the water signs, strengthening for the earth signs, brightening for the air signs and energizing for the fire signs. You can even mix and match different cleansers, serums and moisturizers to your giftee’s big three (Sun, Moon and Rising signs). And if you’re down to splurge a little, Pink Moon has combo kits that are grouped by element on sale ranging from $102 to $105.

Cook your way through the tarot deck with this unique cookbook that features recipes that correlate to each of the 78 cards. The book is sectioned off by major arcana and minor arcana, and then again by suit: coins, cups, swords and wands. The recipes use everyday kitchen basics and their magickal properties to infuse mysticism into each and every one of your meals. And if you're torn on which of these incredible recipes to attempt first, grab your deck, pull a card at random and get cookin'

Adiago Teas have intriguing blends for each of the 12 signs featuring a slew of herbs and spices that encapsulate the essence of the individual elements. This Aries blend, made up of black tea and masala spices, is a nod to their fiery and bold personalities. Cinnamon, cardamom and red peppercorns add that extra kick that we know and love from the first-born of the zodiac. And if you're looking to grab a blend of any of the other signs, they've got packages of 3 or 4 ounce tins, 16 ounce refill bags and packages of 15 pyramid-shaped tea bags.

good light, a brand focused on uplifting beauty beyond the binary, has crafted a lineup of skincare products that are truly out of this world. Their Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser is a pH-balanced, vegan and cruelty-free gel-to-foam cleanser that removes all the dirt and gunk that gets stuck to your skin throughout the day to leave you with a brighter, healthier glow. It also pairs nicely with their Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion and their Order of the Eclipse Hyaluronic Cream for a luxurious nighttime routine. Plus, if you love it just as much as we do, they offer subscriptions that'll save you 10 percent off your total purchase.

If your bestie is looking for a little sparkle to top off their cosmic ensemble, look no further than Rellery's line of zodiac earrings. Made with 18 karat gold over sterling silver, these studs feature each sign's motif adorned with cubic zirconia gems and that particular month's birthstone. For Cancer, these sweet little crab earrings are fastened with a clear stone in the center, while its claws hold up a red gemstone. (Psst, you can check out the rest of the 11 signs here.)

Enter this healing crystal set they can keep in their home (or take on the road) to brighten their spirits and stay centered as needed.

Have a custom engraved-wood wall chart made that shows the position of the planets, asteroids and other celestial elements at the moment of their birth.

These delicately hand-beaded, imported coasters from Joanna Buchanan will add a little sparkle to any coffee or kitchen table. Incorporating the astrological signs into your home can help you infuse some much needed magick into your space. Sophisticated and luxurious, these metallic coasters are sure to be a conversation starter. And they've got all 12 signs in stock.

If you're trying to get a bit more metaphysical in your gifting, an aura print in the color your friend reminds you of is the ideal gift. We love this Mambo Art Studio aura print with its rings of fucsia, pumpkin and lavender on a crisp orange background. It'll add some structured spice to any room. The minimalist design makes it adaptable to nearly any aesthetic. The prints also come in blue, pink, yellow and green.

This natural gemstone sun catcher with opal stones will do just that. Opals are a symbol of hope, purity and truth and can help to cleanse the air of negativity. Have them stick it in a well-lit room and they'll be mesmerized by the ethereal quality it'll add to the space. And if opals aren't their thing, the sun catchers can also be made of other stones like green aventurine, sun stone, obsidian, cyanite and more. Or you can save some $$$ by choosing the 'surprise me' option. We all love a little mystery, right?

A wood, natural or white frame surrounds the illustrated signs on this wall clock, which we're seeing as just the thing for your pal who's thinking of opening a tarot salon in her kitchen.

25. Hand-embroidered Astrology Pillows

Carmel and Terrell Swan

These linen pillows are emblazoned with tasteful depictions of each sign's symbol, as well as words that detail the best elements of each sign's personality. ("Compassionate Pisces" will appreciate this.)

What better gift for our resident quirky water-bearer than a funky vessel to sip all their bevies in? This Aquarius mug from AstralWeekend speaks to the sign's creative and ethereal nature with it's art nouveau-style pink, blue, yellow and green neon design featuring a nude blue-haired goddess pouring water from her urn. The brand also makes mugs in various color combos to match the energy of the other signs. Take a peek at them here.

For some subtle zodiac representation, dabasminimalist has created a dainty, barely-there ring with a tiny astrological symbol centered on the band. The accessory can be made into a wide variety of sizes and it's available in three different finishes: rose gold, gold and silver. Just the right amount of bling for giftee who's subtle in their celestial obsessions.

28. Zodiac Manifestation Candle


Whether you're shopping for a meticulous Virgo, a hardworking Capricorn, a flirtatious Libra or an all-feeling Pisces, the BuyVibeCrystal Zodiac Manifestation Candles are sure to be a hit with any aspiring astrologer you might be buying for. The candles each have their own unique fragrance and crystal and floral toppers by sign. Green aventurine, sultry blossoms and vanilla woods for a luxurious and down-to-earth Taurus? Purple amethyst, Mediterranean fig and cranberry for a spunky Sagittarius? We're sold.

The hardworking and highly motivated Capricorn is going to appreciate the care and skill that this tree ornament took to craft. Just look at the sparkly necklace on the goat!

These groovy motel-style keychains are a super cute addition to any stack of keys or bag that need some cosmic adornment. Made of hard enamel with gold trim, it's just the right thing to elevate the everyday. You might wanna snag a matching one for yourself (we definitely plan on it).

31. The Floral Birthday Book

Applewood Books

This one is for the green witches out there. If your giftee loves keeping track of birthdays and important dates *and* loves to learn about floral associations, this will be a fitting treat for them. The Floral Birthday Book has all 365 birthdays recorded in a pocket-sized edition and, for each birthday, it matches the day with a flower, tree, leaf or other vegetation. In addition, each day is also assigned a snippet of a famous poet from the likes of Wordsworth and Shakespeare.

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