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Who on your list wants astrology gifts? The pal who's quoting their most recent horoscope. The friend banging on about the significance of the beaver moon. Or just the person looking for a smidge of vision into their place on the planet. The quickest way to these folks' hearts, gifting-wise, is to choose a thoughtful prezzie that acknowledges their penchant for mystical thinking (dog astrology, natch), planetary attention (say, a moon-phase wall sculpture) and maybe even their taste for a soupçon of kitsch (here's your new 70s-style astrology iPhone case). Peruse these 30 gifts—all under $100—that are sure to win you an appreciative palm-reading of thanks.

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Kendra Scott

1. Kendra Scott Libra Coin Charm In Rose Gold

At just over one-inch wide, this pendant is the most subtle zodiac jewelry we've seen. Stones are inset in gold-plated brass, in a pattern that's based on the constellation that carries the sign's name.

Buy It ($35; $24)


2. Musee Zodiac Bath Balm Set in Aries

Four little bath balms handmade in Mississippi are scented with yuzu, clementine and creamy santal to relax the most tense Aries (or any of the other 11 signs).

Buy It ($24)


3. Vintage Astrology Zodiac Wheel Floor Pillow

Meditators, hearthside snugglers and coffee table dinner eaters—basically anyone who's hanging out on the rug—will appreciate this 26-inch circular floor pillow that's emblazoned with the symbols of the zodiac, rendered in soft-hued illustrations.

Buy It ($70; $42)

Urban Outfitters

4. Cosmic Ceramic Banner

Even if they already own every zodiac-themed piece of hardware out there, this wall hanging is a fun, chic and under-the-radar way to decorate their space with more of the same, since it's a ceramic representation of the phases of the moon.

Buy It ($34; $25)


5. Inkbox Semipermanent Tattoos

If you’re looking for something that’s out of the box yet on brand (come on, you definitely know someone with a small tattoo of their sign), this temporary tattoo is a fun way to go, even for commitment-phobes. It’s also a great way to test-drive a real tattoo if they’ve been contemplating it.

Buy It ($14)

Urban Outfitters

6. Everyday Tarot Mini Tarot Card Deck

Anyone who's an experienced tarot practitioner will tell you that the trick to tarot cards is that they should always be given as a gift. It brings the best form of love and positive energy to the deck and ensures the giftee will get years of good use out of them.

Buy It ($13)


7. AURA by Paige Novick Demi Fine Zodiac Single Stud with Birthstone Cancer

A single minimalist design representing their sign, accented with birthstone (here, Cancer is dotted with alexandrite), is a wear-every-day kind of jewelry that's crowd-pleasing.

Buy It ($56)

Free People

8. Original Retro Brand Vintage Zodiac Sweatshirt

Greek-style lettering and a circle of old-fashioned zodiac illustrations decorate this soft all-cotton crew neck sweatshirt.

Buy It ($98)

Available in sizes XS to XL


9. NIGHT Women's Zodiac Eye Mask

Let’s be real, you know a Taurus out there who simply cannot function without some solid shut-eye. Plus, this sleep mask is made with 100 percent pure-grade silk, so it’s easy on skin and hair.

Buy It ($50; $43)


10. Grove ad Grotto Set of 12 Zodiac Oils by Sun's Eye

After the hectic holiday season, your zodiac buff will so appreciate this kind of R&R, especially if they share their essential oils with friends of different astrological persuasions.

Buy It ($92)


11. Seeing Stars book

Out loud and proud Leos, balanced Librans or go-with-the-flow Pisceans will appreciate knowing more about themselves from these 112-page illustrated coffee table books that afford deep looks at each sign's likes, dislikes and personality quirks (shout out to Capricorns for their excellent listening skills!).

Buy It ($12)



Comfy, and customized: The classic surfer shoe is updated with your giftee's sign, done up in groovy graphics.

Buy It ($90)


13. Gorjana Astrology Coin Necklace

This necklace is simple and beautiful, dotted with CZ and white opalite, and it layers well with any of the favorite chains she already wears.

Buy It ($65)

Uncommon Goods

14. Astrology Chart Class

Expert astrologer Emily Klintworth will spend an hour with your giftee, coming up with a personal forecast for the year ahead.

Buy It ($60)

Standard Dose

15. HALFMOON Hand Hammered Brass Singing Bowl

Whether to heighten a meditation practice or just to call the kids to dinner, striking a hammered brass bowl is just the note of spirituality any astrology lover will welcome into their home.

Buy It ($70)


16. Elizabeth Stone Zodiac Clip-On Charm

A little clip-on charm like this enamel beauty appeals to the changeable nature of air signs like Gemini, since it can hang on a necklace, bracelet, buttonhole—just, anywhere.

Buy It ($40)


17. Premium Healing Crystals Gift Set

If your giftee loves the zodiac, there’s a good chance they love everything dealing with energy, auras and holistic approaches. Cue a healing crystal set they can keep in their home (or take on the road) to brighten spirits and stay centered.

$28 at Amazon


18. West Clay Company Custom Personalized Star Constellation Map

They probably already know their sun, moon and rising signs, but do they have their exact birth star constellation framed yet? No, your astrology buff giftee probs does not, so aren't you clever to gift it to them.

$35 at Amazon


19. The High Priestess Tarot Necklace

Is she the queen of all she surveys, on this plane and the next? Gift a necklace emblazoned with the High Priestess to acknowledge her wisdom and intuition.

Buy It ($99)


20. Pet Astrology guide

You think humans are the only ones effected by the pull of the planets? Au contraire—this 96-page illustrated book sheds light on your dog's behaviors per their star sign (Virgos like to walk the same path every day, yo).

Buy It ($15)


21. Zen and Meow Wood Engraved Astrology Chart

Know the birth date, time and location of your gift recipient? Then have a custom engraved-wood wall chart made that shows the position of the planets, asteroids and other celestial elements at the moment of their birth.

Buy It ($59)


22. Funny Astrological Gemini Pencil Set

A stocking-stuffer that's going to bring a smile to your giftee, these half-dozen pencils are emblazoned with irreverent but oh-so-accurate characteristics of their sign. (But, you know, not too pointed.)

Buy It ($8)


23. Undaunted Design Vintage Astrology Zodiac Wheel Honey Wall Clock

A wood, natural or white frame surrounds the illustrated signs on this wall clock, which we're seeing as just the thing for your pal who's thinking of opening a tarot salon in her kitchen.

Buy It ($39; $23)

Uncommon Goods

24. Hand-Embroidered Astrology Pillows

These linen pillows are emblazoned not only with tasteful depictions of each sign's symbol, but also words detailing the best elements of each sign's personality. ("Passionate Scorpio" will appreciate this.)

Buy It ($82)


25. The Secret Language of Birthdays: Your Complete Personology Guide for Each Day of the Year by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

This book tells you everything you need to know about how your birthday blends with your astrological sign and]your numerology, and it can even tell you fun tidbits, like the birth dates of people who could be your soul mates or closest friends (and fatal attractions, eek!). Giftees will love sharing it with all their friends and other astrological-obsessed people.

$21 at Amazon


26. Joanna Buchanan Zodiac Capricorn Ornament

The hardworking and highly motivated Capricorn is going to appreciate the care and skill that this tree ornament took to craft, sparkly necklace and all.

Buy It ($78)


27. Michael Aram Zodiac Box

Marble and antiqued gold accent this decorative 4.5-inch round vessel that holds trinkets, jewelry or meds.

Buy It ($100)

Urban Outfitters

28. Urban Outfitters Velvet Zodiac Journal

A great way to help your person stay on top of their to-do list or gratitude practice by writing in this fancy journal, while reminding them you know how much fun the zodiac can be. Plus, this would jazz up their workspace with a bit of personality.

Buy It ($18; $14)


29. Zodiac Puzzle

This puzzle is not for the faint of heart—of the 220 pieces, 200 of them are of unique shapes, which is said to make the complexity as hard as puzzles with 1,000 pieces or more. (And the wooden box it comes in will make it the star of the family gift closet.)

Buy It ($80; $50)

Urban Outfitters

30. Wildflower Sagittarius Zodiac iPhone Case

A little bit retro, a little bit garish, a lot charming: This iPhone XR case has charisma like your giftee, the half man, half horse Sag.

Buy It ($35)

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