We all know one person who’s able to rattle off every quality of every astrological sign at the drop of a hat. At PureWow, that’s our resident star chart–reading manager of operations, Corley. Want to know which astrological sign is most likely to talk about their astrological sign? Leo (Corley’s sign). Or which star sign is known for being the tidiest and most organized? Virgo. So, this holiday season, instead of stressing about what to get our tarot card–reading cousin, we tapped Corley for her top zodiac-related gift picks. Here are all 11 of them. 

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1. The Secret Language of Birthdays: Your Complete Personology Guide for Each Day of the Year by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

“This book tells you everything you need to know about how your birthday blends with your astrological sign [and] your numerology, and it can even tell you fun tidbits, like the birth dates of people who could be your soul mates or closest friends (and fatal attractions, eek!). I love sharing it with all of my friends and have no doubt other astrological-obsessed people will too.”

$21 at Amazon


2. Premium Healing Crystals Gift Set

“If your giftee loves the zodiac, there’s a good chance they love everything dealing with energy, auras and holistic approaches. Cue a healing crystal set they can keep in their home (or take on the road) to brighten spirits and stay centered.”

$28 at Amazon


3. West Clay Company Custom Personalized Star Constellation Map

“They probably already know their sun, moon and rising signs, but do they have their exact birth star constellation framed yet?!”

$35 at Amazon


4. Serefina Zodiac Coin Necklace

“This necklace isn’t just simple and beautiful from afar, it also offers an easy way to tell anyone what their sign is—and segue into their favorite topic: astrology.”

Buy It ($38; $27)

Urban Outfitters

5. Zodiac Catch-All Dish

“Because it’s so fun to be reminded of who you are and how you see yourself while also staying neat and tidy. I’m looking at you, Virgo.”

Buy It ($8)

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Urban Outfitters

6. Urban Outfitters Velvet Zodiac Journal

“A great way to help your person stay on top of their to-do list or gratitude practice, while reminding them you know how much fun the zodiac can be. Plus, this would jazz up their workspace with a bit of personality.”

Buy It ($14)

Urban Outfitters

7. Everyday Tarot Mini Tarot Card Deck

“The trick to tarot cards? They should always be given as a gift! It brings the best form of love and positive energy to the deck and ensures the giftee will get years of good use out of them.”

Buy It ($13)

Urban Outfitters

8. 2020 Lunar Chart Tapestry

“If they already own every zodiac-themed piece of hardware out there, this is a fun, chic and under-the-radar way to decorate their space with more of the same.”

Buy It ($29)


9. Inkbox Semipermanent Tattoos

“If you’re looking for something that’s out of the box yet on brand (come on, you definitely know someone with a small tattoo of their sign), this is a fun way to go, even for commitment-phobes! It’s also a great way to test-drive a real tattoo if they’ve been contemplating it.”

Buy It ($16)

Urban Outfitters

10. Zodiac Element Essential Oil

“Grant them permission to freshen up their space and relax through some lavender aromas, while getting in touch with their celestial side. After the hectic holiday season, they’ll so appreciate this kind of R&R.”

Buy It ($12)

Urban Outfitters

11. Slip Silk Zodiac Sleep Mask

“Let’s be real, you know a Taurus out there who simply cannot function without some solid shut-eye. Plus, this one is made with 100 percent pure-grade silk, so it’s easy on skin and hair.”

Buy It ($50)

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