How to Use Astrology to Pick the Optimal Wedding Date

If you think about it, your anniversary is essentially the birthday of your marriage. (Even the most skeptical of the skeptics have to agree on that one.) That means that your wedding date—bear with us here—has a sign, a chart and a zodiac destiny of its own. Why does this matter? Well, while you can’t pick the day you were born, you can pick the day you say “I do.” So why not choose one that’s (supposedly) blessed by the stars? Here are three astrological considerations you might want to think about when planning your nuptials. (But when Aunt Bertha asks how you chose the date, feel free to evade the subject.)

What Your Zodiac Means for Your Sex Life

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Try to pick a date right after a new moon.
A new moon is one of the most auspicious events in astrology. They occur about once a month, regardless of season, when the sun and moon are conjunct (that’s astrology-speak for being in cahoots with each other). During this time, the moon’s light isn’t visible in the night sky, and it marks the first phase of the lunar cycle.

What does this mean for you? New moons represent hope, potential and beginnings that last up to about four days after they hit—aka they’re the inspirational Instagram quotes of all the possible moon phases. Whereas full moons bring endings and emotional heaviness, new moons usher in lightness and fresh starts—it’s like the Champagne of astrological events. That’s exactly the romantic, positive energy you want to set the tone for your marriage.

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Make sure Mercury isn’t retrograde.
Everyone knows you don’t want to do anything important while Mercury is retrograde, and your wedding is no exception. For those unfamiliar, Mercury rules all things communication, including technology, transportation, phones, emails and even the way we think and talk. When it stations retrograde, aka appears to be traveling backward, its superpowers are diminished, poor dude.

What does this mean for you? Weddings are all about the moving parts. Even a low-key ceremony has a structure and flow that requires seamless communication between parties—family photos, speeches, dresses, etc. The stakes are high, and if Mercury is out of commission, you’re at greater risk, astrologically speaking, of having your bridesmaid bouquets come in one short because you added your sister-in-law at the last minute. Not that you’d ever be upset about it three years later...

Geminis and Virgos: You folks should be extra vigilant during these times as Mercury is your natural ruler. That means you’ll be feeling this chaos in an amplified form. (Bleh, sorry.) On your wedding day, you’ll want your quick wit and organization to be at full force, so be extra committed to avoiding the entire retrograde period.

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But really make sure Venus isn’t retrograde.
While Mercury retrograde has the most fearsome reputation (probably because Mercury never shuts up...), Venus's position is arguably even more important when it comes to matrimony. 

What does this mean for you? Venus rules love, luxury and desire, which reads like a recipe for a successful wedding day and night…if you catch our drift. No? We’re talking about sex. You want the planet in charge of romance, Venus, to be feeling herself; and when she’s in retrograde she’s definitely not feeling itself. Obvi, this isn’t to say that you and your significant other would suddenly lose feelings for each other while Venus is on hiatus, but it’s better luck for the relationship when she’s on air. You want love to be abundant and flowing during the day itself, but also in perpetuity. The moment you say “I do” is your astrological blueprint for the entire life of your marriage, and Venus is the high planetary priestess of love and commitment. You’ll definitely want her blessing.

Tauruses or Libras: Hi, guys. You probably felt this coming, but you should be extra careful of Venus retrograde because you’re romantic by nature and, without the strength of your planetary ruler, you’ll have to work even harder to sparkle as brightly as you would when Venus is at full strength.

Kiki O'Keeffe is a writer and astrologer in Brooklyn. You can follow her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or on Twitter and Medium @alexkiki.

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