8 Pretty Makeup Ideas for Summer Brides

Memorial Day is just around the corner, which marks the start of summer wedding season. And with cloudless blue skies and glorious warm nights, there are many wonderful things about getting married this time of year. The biggest challenge, perhaps, is finding makeup that doesn't look or feel too heavy (both in photos and on your skin). Here, eight refreshing beauty ideas that check all of the boxes.

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New Neutrals

Neutral shades go far beyond just blacks and browns. To soften things up for summer, try some variations of rust or pink on your eyes and lips. This will subtly enhance your features without covering them up or looking too harsh in photos.

Rosy Glow

Or to get an all-over glow, extend the hint of pink to your cheeks as well. A gel stain (so no creams or powders) is your best bet for this, as it packs a ton of pigment without suffocating your skin.

Coral Lips

Whereas reds and purples can feel a bit heavy in the summer, a vibrant coral lip is just right. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal to really make your pout pop (and have less things to worry about smudging as the day wears on).

blue green eyeshadow summer wedding beauty
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Bright Blue Eye Shadow

You already have your something old, new and borrowed. Why not let your makeup be your something blue? A wash of turquoise shadow can brighten up your eyes and make your bridal look especially striking.

metallic smokey eye summer wedding beaut
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Metallic Smoky Eye

To lighten up a standard smoky eye, swap your usual browns and grays for some warm metallics (like bronze or copper). The result: An effortlessly smoldering look with a much lower risk of smudging.

highlighter summer wedding beauty
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Sculpted Cheekbones

You might not naturally have cheekbones for days, but with some strategic placement of bronzer and highlighter, you can easily fake it. Sweaty gals, take note: Steer clear of applying either of these products to your forehead, chin and nose as this can make you look extra greasy in photos.

Doll-like Lashes

Lush, fluttery lashes are a foolproof option for any bride. If you're going to use mascara, stick to waterproof formulas, lest you want it to run down your face (from either sweat or happy tears). Or maybe consider getting eyelash extensions for the occasion. They're an investment, but they'll last you through the honeymoon.

glossy lids summer wedding beauty
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Glossy Lids

If you’re really worried about getting raccoon eyes mid-reception, skip the darker shades altogether and swipe some gloss over your lids instead. This way you get maximum impact, but don’t have to worry about touching up your makeup throughout the night.



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