These Are the Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles in Every U.S. Region

Did you know that your engagement ring preferences can be influenced by where you live? They can, which is why jewelry company Brilliant Earth recently reviewed its U.S. sales data to determine what’s trending from coast to coast. Here, the most popular ring styles in the northeast, south and more.

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brilliant earth three stone
brilliant earth

Northeast: three-stone Rings

Ring-seekers in the Northeast like to keep it classic, gravitating toward three-stone rings and solitaires. They also tend to opt for cushion cut diamonds more than other regions. Color-wise, Brilliant Earth found that Northeastern shoppers favor more traditional white metals (as opposed to trendy millennial pink rose gold). 

Brilliant Earth Petite Three Stone Trellis Ring (from $5,350)

moniqe lhuillier ring
blue nile

Monique Lhuillier Three-stone Trio Micropavé Diamond Ring

rockher three stone engagement ring

Rockher 3-stone Ring

Buy it (from $2,405)

brilliant earth

South: White Gold

Y’all. Apparently, our southern friends are more likely to purchase a ring with diamond accents set in white gold. Per Brilliant Earth, “Southerners tend to be more interested in a variety of fancy shaped diamonds and like to pair them with feminine, floral-inspired settings.” They’re also into halo styles, unsurprising considering their sparkly nature.

Brilliant Earth Lotus Flower Diamond Ring (from $5,290)

blue nile halo engagement ring
blue nile

Blue Nile Rollover Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

brillianteers halo engagement ring

Brillianteers New Aurora In White Gold

brilliant earth midwest
brilliant earth

Midwest: vintage-inspired Details

Intricate detailing and vintage-inspired styles are all the rage in the Midwest, where couples are also more apt to choose an 18K white gold setting.

Brilliant Earth Cadenza Halo Diamond Ring (from $5,290)

lauren wolf cornelia ring

Lauren Wolf Cornelia Ring

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kwiat vintage engagement ring

Kwiat Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

brilliant earth paciifc northwest
brilliant earth

Pacific: classic Settings

Lovebirds in Alaska and Hawaii share a love of classic styles. Brilliant Earth found that they’re also more likely to choose round diamonds set in classic white gold.

Brilliant Earth Luxe Ballad Diamond Ring (from $5,050)

diamond nexus engagement ring
diamond nexus

Diamond Nexus Tiffany-style Solitaire Round Cut Engagement Ring

catbird engagement ring

Catbird Anna The Swan Ring

brilliant earth west
brilliant earth

West: platinum Solitaires

As it turns out, folks in the wild wild West prefer simple, understated styles. They’re also more likely to opt for platinum and to buy a larger diamond than other regions (those solitaire settings let the diamond take center stage).   

Brilliant Earth Moissanite Provence Ring (from $2,040)

ritani engagement ring

Ritani Solitaire Diamond Six-prong Knife-edge Ring

Buy it ($2,732)

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