The Top 7 Engagement Ring Styles Trending Right Now

We’re not ashamed to admit it: Spending an inordinate amount of hours fawning over engagement rings on Pinterest and Instagram is one of our favorite pastimes. From emerald stones to cushion cuts, eagle prongs to bezel-set solitaires, the possibilities are truly endless. But certain similarities have been cropping up all over our social media feeds of late. Here, the top seven winter engagement ring trends we’ve been seeing everywhere (and you surely will too).

Floral Rings

Kate Middleton, Katy Perry, Princess Eugenie… Floral engagement rings are still having a major moment. The ornate Victorian engagement ring trend features diamonds clustered like petals around a major center stone (often a colorful jewel like a sapphire or ruby).

Fishtail Pavé

We all know the classic pavé style. Fishtail pave is essentially a fancier French version, with the tiny diamonds set in such close proximity to each other that they coat the entire surface of the band and are held in place with tiny prongs. Clean Origin has a slew of gorgeous pavé settings so you can make a ring that’s all your own. They specialize in lab-created diamonds that are eco-friendly, ethically sourced and anywhere from 20 to 30 percent less expensive than mined diamonds—meaning you’ll feel good about its history too.

Whisper-thin Bands

One simple way to really make your stone stand out (and seem larger, if you’re into that sorta thing): Place it on the thinnest and most delicate of settings. Similar to those thread-like midi rings you see all over your Instagram feed, a whisper-thin band elongates your fingers and ups the drama of your rock. 

engagement ring trends morganite


Just like rosé, millennial pink and rose gold, the soft peachy hue of morganite has grown in popularity and shows no signs of slowing down. As a diamond alternative (the stone is a variety of a clear mineral called beryl and a cousin to the emerald, which is a green beryl gem), it’s much less expensive—usually about $300 per carat compared to a diamond’s $2,000 per carat on average.

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engagement ring trends vintage ring
Love Audry Rose

Vintage Rings

What goes around comes around, and that goes for popular engagement ring styles. Retro-inspired rings featuring old-school and vintage details like cluster shapes, baguette diamonds, mixed metals, colorful stones (like the emerald, diamond and sapphire stunner above), marquise stones, asscher cuts and starburst motifs are all cropping up by the (antique) trunkful. 

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Hidden Halos

The halo trend has been going so strong that it’s now trademarked. The Hidden Halo is a dusting of pavé diamonds set beneath the center stones, surrounding them like a sweet secret between you and your newly betrothed.

Oval Cuts

Oval diamonds have been the rock of choice for a number of A-listers of late, probably for their ability to make the carat size look 10 percent bigger than their round counterparts thanks to a larger surface area. Hailey BieberJoJo Fletcher and Sarah Hyland have all recently sealed the deal with the oblong stones.


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