8 Vintage Wedding Ring Trends That Are Having a Moment

You know how granny's kitten heels and chintzy bed linens have come back in style? Welp, same goes for her wedding ring. After a long hiatus, these eight old-school trends are looking more modern and chic than ever. Join us in drooling over them—then promptly pivoting away from our princess-cut fantasies. 

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cluster wedding ring 728
Courtesy of Studio 1040

Cluster Designs

Floral obsessed? Consider a cluster ring. This uber-feminine style became a popular choice during the Victorian Era, when colored gemstones were often set in the middle and flanked by smaller diamonds to resemble flowers. Majorly pretty, right? 

Studio1040 ($5,840)

baguette deco wedding ring 728
Courtesy of Erica Weiner

Baguette Shapes

These short, octagonal diamond cuts are synonymous with the Art Deco designs of the 20s and 30s. The funny thing is, with their sleek, streamlined form and minimal geometric shape, they make for a remarkably modern engagement ring.

Erica Weiner ($1,140)

rose cut wedding ring 7281
Courtesy of Melanie Casey

Rose Cuts

Flat on the bottom with a domed top that resemble their namesake, rose-cut diamonds have made their way back into the limelight in recent years. (Hi, Jennifer Aniston’s rose cut stunner). Call it a placebo effect, but this cut just looks lush to us…and we swoon for their old world-y glamour. 

Melanie Casey ($3,600)

ribbon motif wedding ring 7281
Courtesy of Romanov Russia

Bow Motifs

Edwardian vibes are so hot right now. Think intricate turn-of-the-century motifs like ribbons and bows, which symbolize love and commitment. How’s that for romantic?

Romanov Russia ($4,500)

old european wedding ring 728
Courtesy of Eragem

Old European Cuts

Before there was the brilliant cut (aka the traditional standard we see today), there was the Old European cut: round, sparkling and entirely hewn by hand. These antiques were mined between 1890 and 1930, and they’re growing in popularity, thanks to their unique character and the earthy look of the diamond facets. 

Eragem ($14,850)

marquise wedding ring 728

Marquise Shapes

Also known as navette or “little boat” in French (awww), this classic diamond shape dates back to early 18th-century France. We like to think of it as a less expected, sculptural alternative to ovals. P.S. The elliptical shape works wonders at visually elongating your finger.

Jewel Luxe ($2,835)

asscher wedding ring 728
Courtesy of James Allen

Asscher Cuts

This simple, square-shaped cut was the hot ticket bling choice at the turn of the 20th century. With their symmetrical corners and mesmerizing ripple effect, it’s no wonder that they’re experiencing a modern revival. (We especially dig them in a minimalist eternity band.)

James Allen (from $7,510)

hexagon wedding ring 728
Point No Point Studios

Hexagon Shapes

Hello, geometric Art Deco vibes. We especially love this strong, unusual silhouette when paired with colored diamonds and a nontraditional setting. Example A: This black diamond and rose gold stunner. We like. 

Point No Point Studios ($4,979) 


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