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From the streets of Manhattan to the beaches of St. Barts


New York City, NY

Learn how to explore NYC like a celebrity with this travel guide. Because a day spent devouring waffles like Beyoncé is much more fun (and civilized) than pushy, smelly Times Square.


Palm Springs, CA

With desert sunsets, stunning mountain views and year-round temperatures that hover between “perfect” and “ideal,” it’s no wonder that Palm Springs was once the hideaway for Hollywood’s Old Glamour elite. Here's why you should book your winter escape, stat.

travel • by Anne Collins Howard

Kauai, Hawaii

Covered in tropical rainforest, cut with canyons and craters and surrounded by a jagged cliff perimeter, Kauai is quite possibly the most beautiful Hawaiian island. Here, the best way to explore it, whether your mode of transit is a chopper, a pool chair or a hand-carved kayak.

travel • by Allison McCarthy

Havana, Cuba

Gloria Estefan, modern hip-hop, jazz duo Obsesión… The sounds of Havana are just as mesmerizing as the candy-colored colonials. From weekly rumba dance parties to hip concerts to bohemian cafés rich with the murmurings of old Cuban tunes, here’s everything you must do when you make the trip. Just mark our words: The rhythm is gonna get you.

A continent rich with adventure and history

Oh the romance, ah the glamor!

travel • by Anne Collins Howard

Paris, France

The whiff of croissant from an early-morning patisserie, the floral gardens of the Tuileries, the luxe perfumeries that dot the Champs-Élysées…the scents of Paris are as heady as its style and culture. And while guidebooks may lead you to the Louvre and Notre Dame, we recommend starting with the stuff that’s right under your nose.

travel • by Anne Collins Howard

Cappadocia, Turkey

Fairy chimneys, mushroom towers, cave castles...You’d think George Lucas made this place up, but the soft volcanic rock of Central Anatolia has actually been shaped by millions of years of erosion and 5,000 years of savvy civilization. Here’s everything you must do there, from hot air balloon rides to lessons in grape leaves.

travel • by Hannah Loewentheil

Madrid, Spain

When it comes to experiencing Madrid, a day in the Museo Prado is just as important as dancing until the churro stands open at dawn. After all, Madrileños are creatures of the night, and to fall asleep early is to miss what makes this vibrant city so alive. So grab a double café cortado and follow this guide to the city’s most fabulous nightlife

Go off the grid or right into the center of the action

The vacation of a lifetime

All's good down under

travel • by Anne Collins Howard

Sydney, Australia

The hell with cabs and subways. In Sydney--which boasts the world’s largest natural harbor--public ferries are the absolute best way to travel. You’ll find culture and beauty in every direction, with the wind in your hair and lapping waters at your Sperry-clad heels.