Use This 1-Step iPhone Hack Next Time You Travel (You'll Thank Us Later)

A quick way to track flight info

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If you're part of the iPhone squad, then you know there are a ton of neat tricks to make life a little bit easier. A great example is this travel hack that's going viral on TikTok, and trust us, the next time you're heading to your flight, you're going to want to try it out. Essentially, it allows you to easily track your flight information, so you can see at a glance if you're on time or delayed—and what terminal you should be heading to—all with a simple text message.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Copy your flight number. You can find this unique six-digit code in your email or app once you book your flight.
  2. Send flight number through iMessage. Paste the code to your friends and family members.
  3. Click on the flight number. The code will automatically be underlined (like a link). Once they can click on it, a pop-up will offer two options: preview flight or copy flight code.
  4. Discover flight tracking information. After clicking preview flight, you can see a map of the flight, current status, departing/arriving terminal, departing/arriving time, duration and even baggage claim.

A Few Things You Should Know

Good news! If you have an Android phone, you can still try out this hack. As one commenter said, "I'm pretty sure it does this with any phone. I've sent my mom my flight number and it was underlined and she doesn't have an iPhone."

Also, this hack might not work for every airline. So far, it works best for Delta, Alaska, Spirit, American Airlines, Southwest, Frontier and JetBlue. Oh, and it can only work on the actual day of the flight—I tried looking up my own flight happening in a couple of weeks and it didn't work.

Other than that, have fun trying out this super helpful hack yourself. It's good to know there's a quick way to find flight information and keep others updated on your trip.

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