I Tried the Away Bigger Carry-On vs. The Béis Carry-On Roller and Here's Which Internet-Famous Luggage Is Better

We’ve traveled with both…here’s which won out.

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Prior to 2015, I didn’t think much about luggage. Before a trip, I’d head to T.J. Maxx, shell out $50 for whichever carry-on caught my eye and then inevitably have to toss it when it broke after a few flights. Then came Away, the travel brand founded by two Warby Parker alums that skyrocketed in popularity and ubiquity (real ones may remember their NYC subway ads—promo code included). Unsurprisingly, Away’s success—it’s one of the highest funded female-backed start-ups ever—birthed a host of competitors, including Béis, which was founded in 2018 by actress Shay Mitchell and has quickly gained internet fame via Instagram and TikTok. But could a celeb-founded brand hold a candle to Away? I wanted to find out, so I decided to compare my Away Bigger Carry-On to my Béis Carry-On Roller to decide which one takes the cake.



Away The Bigger Carry-On Review

Value: 18/20
Functionality: 19/20
Quality: 19/20
Aesthetics: 19/20
Customer Service: 20/20
TOTAL: 95/100

Exterior: 22.7” x 14.7” x 9.6”
Weight: 7.4 pounds
Capacity: 47.9L

I bought my Away Bigger Carry-On almost four years ago and have since taken it on dozens of flights, train rides and road trips. Like many people, I was immediately taken by the sleek exterior—its streamlined silhouette is right up my alley—and the impressive size that the brand says fits in most major airlines’ overhead bins (I’ve never been on a flight where it didn’t fit). Away is also known for its customer service. In addition to an unlimited lifetime warrantee—which Béis also offers—you’re able to put Away suitcases to the test for 100 days and return it at no cost if you’re not satisfied for any reason. I haven’t had any issues with my carry-on (or my Away checked luggage), but a friend’s bag was damaged by an overzealous baggage claim employee and Away got her a brand-new one immediately. Another cool thing about Away is that the brand often introduces limited-edition colors and prints. Béis has started to dip its toe into limited-edition colors, so I’m interested to see whether more is coming down the line.  

One of my only gripes with Away is that it’s quite pricy. Compared to $218 for a Béis bag, $295 is quite a bit more money. I will say, however, that it’s held up beautifully through years of wear and tear—and I am *not* precious with my bags. My only other recommendation would be to really think about what color you want. I bought my Away carry-on in white, and it definitely shows some scuff marks, which I’m sure I could take care of with a Mr. Clean magic eraser. I honestly don’t care that much, but just a heads up for shoppers who might!

beis pw 100


Béis The Carry-On Roller Review

Value: 19/20
Functionality: 19/20
Quality: 18/20
Aesthetics: 19/20
Customer Service: 19/20
TOTAL: 94/100

Exterior: 22.8" x 15.7" x 9.8"
Weight: 8.36 pounds
Capacity: 49-61L

I haven’t had my Béis bag for nearly as long as I’ve had my Away, but it’s made an impression quickly. This bag is great—though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised given my love for the brand’s viral weekender bag, which was my saving grace on a long trip last summer. Given the distinction Away makes between its regular and bigger carry-ons, I was a bit nervous that the Béis carry-on, which is only available in one size, wouldn’t be big enough. I was wrong. This bag fits a lot of stuff, plus it’s expandable, unlike the regular Away Bigger Carry-On (though you can buy an expandable version for $345). It also, very helpfully, has tons of interior organizational features, including multiple zippered compartments and two laundry bags (compared to Away’s one laundry bag).

The cushioned handle is a nice touch, especially for those long walks between airport terminals, and it also has a built-in weight limit indicator right next to the side carry handle that tells you if your bag is at an acceptable weight (clear) or over 50 pounds (red). I’m not usually an overpacker, so I don’t see myself using this feature too often, but it’s a cool option for folks who tend to stuff their suitcases to the brim.

Away Bigger Carry-On vs. Béis Carry-On Roller Final Notes

Having used both bags, I can confidently say that both the Away Bigger Carry-On and the Béis Carry-On Roller are terrific options for any kind of trip. They’re both sleek and roomy and have very smooth wheels. The choice of which is “better” really comes down to your personal needs. If you’re an overpacker, the built-in scale and the expandable zippers in the Béis bag might be right for you; if you’re in the market for funky colors and prints, Away could be a better fit. I personally prefer the look of the Away exterior (I’m not a huge fan of the beige handle on an otherwise all-black bag), but that’s a me problem. Basically, Away and Béis both make excellent carry-on luggage for any kind of traveler, and having lugged them through airports and train stations from New York and Las Vegas to Rome and Amsterdam, I highly recommend both models.

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