On fleek, cray, turnt: Internet slang tends to catch fire quickly, then fade out once it’s permeated the social-media feeds of everyone including your Aunt Linda. But one word seems to have staying power right now, so we thought we’d introduce any newbies and give some context. Meet “extra.”

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What does it mean? “Extra” is defined by the ever-so-scholarly UrbanDictionary.com as “excessive, dramatic behavior; doing the absolute most.” So, basically, when your Aunt Linda asks for the fourth time why you’re still single and then declares, “Who am I to judge?” loudly enough for everyone at the dinner table to hear, she’s being extra.

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How do I use it in a sentence? “Have you noticed that every time we go to brunch, Karen asks what everyone’s wearing and then shows up in heels and a tight dress anyway? She can be so extra.”

extra salt bae

Where does it come from? The term “extra” shifted from being a Domino’s pizza topping to being a widely used Internet trope through a meme called Salt Bae, a man known for his dramatic flair for tossing steak seasoning.

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What should I do if someone calls me “extra”? Listen: It’s not necessarily a bad thing. So what if you were late to your BFF’s birthday dinner because you were too busy bingeing Celine Dion videos and GIFs from the Met Gala? There’s no shame in being extra in your obsession of Celine's own extraness. A little drama is good for the spirit.

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