7 Trends That Will Be Huge in March

April showers may bring May flowers, but March winds blow all those winter woes away...or something like that. True, we get one less hour of sleep with daylight savings (March 10), but we also get Fat Tuesday, a new season of Arrested Development and green beer! Look no further: Here are the seven trends coming in the first month of spring.

'game Of Thrones' Everything

The final season is coming in April, so prep for alllll the HBO collabs in the coming weeks. Urban Decay just announced a new GoT makeup line (hopefully Khaleesi-inspired), and also Oreos? Expect every other brand in the world the Seven Kingdoms to follow suit.

barette trend pearl
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

'90s Hair

From barrettes to bobs, '90s hair trends are totally bangin’ these days. Start slow with a few face-framing tendrils left out of your ponytail (but leave the Dippity Do hair gel in the #TBT era, please) or go all in with butterfly clips and scrunchies.

hot pink outfit trend
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Hot Pink

Ushering in the first month of spring is bright, neon pink. Seen all over the Oscars (and after-party) red carpets, eye-sizzling fuchsia is the in-your-face answer to last year’s muted millennial pink.

nootropic chocolates sakara
Sakara Life


Move over, CBD oil. Nootropics (aka supplements claiming to improve cognitive function, memory and focus) are the new-age health trend du jour. Sakara’s Nootropic Chocolates, TruBrain snack bars, Goop’s “nerd alert” chewables are all recent additions to the “smart drugs” fad. Though there’s not much scientific evidence to back up the health claims, we’re not not going to try it.

western boots

Western Boots

Not so fast, cowgirl! We’re talkin’ less line dance, more Little House on the Prairie. The short, mid-calf boots are riding a tidal wave of resurgence post-NYFW. Our favorites? Ones that incorporate detailed stitching, a pointed toe and a color besides boring brown leather (silver metallic, anyone?).

russian doll netflix

Existential Comedy

Russian Doll, Miracle Workers, Maniac…humorous depictions of life, death and the in-between are a dime a dozen these days. Chock it up to cabin fever (or 2019’s answer to the grim, male-driven nihilism of yore). Whatever the case, we’re fine staying on the couch (and watching others do all the work for life’s meaning, or whatever).

colorful engagement rings
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Colorful Engagement Rings

If Katy Perry, Princess Eugenie and Gwyneth Paltrow have anything in common (besides being our ideal #squad), it’s that their jewel-toned engagement rings prove bright, colorful bling will be a jewelry mainstay in the coming months. And FWIW the trend works in non-engagement situations as well. 


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