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Technology has given us many things: Netflix, the Valencia filter…and new, traumatic ways to embarrass ourselves on a daily basis. (We’re talking way beyond accidentally liking an old photo, people.) These social media horror stories are enough to send us running back to our old flip phones. 

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tech horror1

“I scheduled ‘have sex’ on iCal on my husband's work calendar by mistake. All the admins on his floor got the appointment.”—Lauren

“I was toggling back and forth between two email conversations: one with a publicist for work and one with my gay BFF about our upcoming trip to Amish Country, Pennsylvania. Needless to say, I sent the following to the publicist: ‘Can’t wait to see gay cows and eat gay pretzels!’”—Jillian

tech horror2

“I accidentally posted my boobs as my profile picture once. I was using an old laptop and memorized the number of the file but was in the wrong folder. Then my computer stalled for a minute when I tried to delete.”—Laini

“I meant to send a flirty selfie on Snapchat to a few guys I was seeing. But I accidentally made a group…so instead of just sending it to them individually, it sent to all of them at once in the same thread. The ‘reply all’ equivalent of a Snapchat, only with nine people who didn’t know each other.”—Dan

tech horror3

“A close friend’s girlfriend approached me to ask for advice—she was worried that he wanted to break up and wanted to know what I thought. I didn’t know anything, but as soon as I got a chance I texted my friend, ‘Hey, Katie thinks you’re about to dump her.’ Only I didn’t send it to him…I sent it to her.”—Justine 

“I was texting a guy I was meeting up with for a first date and attempted to copy/paste a link suggestion for the date. Instead, I sent him a screengrab of a Tinder conversation I had had with another guy I went out with—didn’t realize it was the last thing copied on my phone.”—Wei

tech horrors sofia

“I was texting a guy and took my eyes off the keyboard while I was typing, not realizing I clicked over to the emoji keyboard. Which led to a random string of emojis ostensibly inviting him to cry, dance, eat cake… Luckily I didn’t hit send, but because I can’t keep anything private, I immediately post it on Facebook to make fun of what a lunatic I am. Except I forget to blur out the guy’s number. And we’re Facebook friends.”—Carla 

“I had just gone to my friend’s house after a date with a guy I’d gone out with a few times. Of course my friend was asking for all the details, but I didn’t notice I had my text conversation with the guy open on my phone…and I sent him a voice memo of us gossiping about him.”—Sarah

tech horror4
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“I use Swype and it always thinks I'm trying to type ‘Jesus’ when I'm writing my name. My boyfriend and I were in the process of buying our apartment and I accidentally signed an email to our lawyer and our bank 'Best, Jesus.'"—Jess 

“I was trying to show my mom the guy I had just started seeing, so I sent her a link to his Facebook. But my mom, not really understanding how Facebook worked, immediately clicked ‘Add Friend.’ I was so horrified I deleted my Facebook account and never looked back. (But that guy is now my fiancé.)"—Marissa 

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