InvisaWear’s Smart Scrunchie Is Designed to Save Your Life (No, Seriously)

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The latest trend in smart jewelry doesn’t track your steps, your heart rate or every text you receive; it’s designed to save your life. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true—these bracelets, necklaces and keychains have built-in panic buttons, allowing the wearer to alert friends (or even call 911) in sketchy situations.

Not long after Flare was named one of Time’s top innovations of 2020, another brand skyrocketed in search, according to Google Trends: Invisawear. Like Flare, you can use Invisawear’s app to designate a select group of contacts who’ll get your location and an SOS message, should you ever find yourself in need of help (say, a date that’s going from awkward to straight-up get-me-outta-here). And, in an emergency, it can even contact 911 on your behalf—all without you having to rummage around for your phone.

Co-founder Rajia Abdelaziz actually created InvisaWear after having one such experience. She was headed to her car after an event when a car full of men drove up to her and started yelling inappropriate things at her. She started feeling uncomfortable, and when one man got out and started approaching her, she took off in a run, dashing to her car and getting in before he could harass her further. In that moment, she realized that even though her phone was on her, she didn’t have time to stop and call for help; she needed to keep moving. After that moment, Abdelaziz and her co-founder, Ray Hamilton, started researching safety jewelry, only to find that most of it was bulky and, well, not the sort of thing you’d want to wear. From there, InvisaWear was born.

Products in the line range from $119 to $249 apiece, and there are no other charges to download the app or use the jewelry to text your inner circle for help. There is, however, a premium service you can upgrade to—to the tune of $20 a month—to have 24/7 access to an ADT agent (yup, the same company known for its home security systems). With the service, you can use InvisaWear to contact an agent whenever you need to, even if you’re just walking to your car at night and would prefer to have someone on the phone with you until you’re safely inside. (This service is currently only available to iOS users, however. Android is in the works, the brand says.)

What also makes InvisaWear stand out is its sheer range of products: There are bracelets, keychains, wrist wraps, even scrunchies embedded with their tech. Each one includes a small button that you double-tap to send out the SOS alert, all discretely tucked away. Check them out for yourself.


Each scrunchie features a hidden Velcro pocket that the InvisaWear charm slips into, so you can easily take it out and wash the hairband as needed.

Gold Starburst Charm Necklace With Crystal Pendant

The 18-inch chain and pendant are made of brass, all plated in 14-karat gold.

Rust Rose Athletic Band

Like the scrunchies, these athletic bands—available in seven colors, if blush pink isn’t your style—feature a hidden pocket that contains the InvisaWear tech.


InvisaWear sells eight different keychain styles, including two designs created especially for RE/MAX agents (who often meet with strangers to show houses).

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