Will Smith Dances with His Mom on IG to Celebrate Her 85th Birthday

Will Smith is ringing in his mom's 85th year with a dance party—and we're tempted to join in.

The Fresh Prince alum shared a clip of the festivities on Instagram, where he and his mom, Caroline Bright, celebrated by dancing to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Smith captioned the post, "85 Today! Happy Bday, Mom-Mom. Let’s dance our way to 100."

In the video, which has already raked in more than 3.5 million likes, the 53-year-old actor held hands with Bright and danced while singing along to the hit song. In the comments, fellow celebrities shared their well wishes, including Octavia Spencer, Jamie Foxx, Nicole Scherzinger and former Fresh Prince co-star, DJ Jazzy Jeff, who wrote, "Happy Bday Mom!!!!"

Aside from celebrating his mother's milestone birthday, Smith recently celebrated a Golden Globe win for his groundbreaking performance in his latest film, King Richard. While discussing the film with Entertainment Tonight, he revealed that it was one of his most memorable films. He said, "You always hear that cliche, 'Oh, I laughed, I cried,' [but] it's one of those films that really covers a broad spectrum of emotion and ideas, that's truly rare. I had secretly in my mind felt that I would never make anything better than The Pursuit of Happyness, and I never said that out loud...and then I saw King Richard."

Smith continued, "This one is special, it's still going, and you know it's funny, because you make the movie and then there's a period when you're away from it, while it's being edited and put together and all that, so you get distance from it. So, by the time the film is coming out, you've potentially made one or two other things, and you've moved on in your mind, so when the audience sees it, it's almost like you're getting to see it again for the first time, along with the audience. I was completely and utterly blown away at what Ray [Green] was able to do so delicately with this film."

Fingers crossed we'll get to see Smith bust another move for landing his first Oscar.

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