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Baby Sussex Is Coming, So Leave It to Whole Foods to Introduce a Perfectly Timed Royal Cheese
Courtesy of Whole Foods

Current status: Waiting with bated breath for news that Meghan Markle—aka the Duchess of Sussex—is in labor. But that begs the question...once you get official word (via Instagram, we’re guessing), how will you celebrate?

Whole Foods is solving that problem for you with the introduction of an exclusive limited edition royal cheese, specifically timed to mark the pending arrival of Baby Sussex.

The name itself—called “Royal Addition Cheese”—is a direct homage to Prince Harry and Markle who are on the cusp of becoming a family of three. It’s also a cheddar, a nod to one of the most popular varieties in both the U.S. and the U.K. (Well-played, Whole Foods.)

As for the flavor profile? It’s got a pleasant tanginess and a creamy texture, not to mention notes of burnt caramel with a slightly sweet and nutty finish. This cheddar is authentic, too—the Westminster Royal Mark red cheddar cheese is made from the highest quality in Southwest England.

The cost? It ranges from $10 to $13, depending on the region you lve in.

And get this: The royal cheddar uses the tropical fruit annatto to give the cheese a vibrant orange hue to match Prince Harry’s hair.

BRB, whipping up a royally-themed cheese plate.

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