Exclusive: The One Thing Rachel Brosnahan Always Carries in Her Bag

Ask Midge Maisel what she always keeps in her pocketbook and we bet she'd say a tube of red lipstick; ask Rachel Brosnahan what she's never without and she'd answer—with zero hesitation—"Hand sanitizer." 

"I live in New York and ride the subway. There's lots of germs, you know? I'm such a creature of habit and always get the EO hand sanitizer from Whole Foods because it has this great lavender scent and is gentle on your skin," Brosnahan told PureWow. (We co-sign, btw. It's the best.)

Another thing she always keeps on hand? "The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I love that stuff. If my skin is behaving, I'll just dab a little bit of that on wherever I'm red and I'm good to go."

Sitting two feet away from her, we couldn't imagine her skin ever misbehaving (seriously, the woman has a smooth, milky complexion that rivals a marble countertop), but she credits that to her longtime regimen of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and moisturizer, which she's been using since she was a high school—wait for it—wrestler.

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