Exclusive: The One Piece of Beauty Advice Midge Maisel Would Give Rachel Brosnahan

It's pretty safe to say that Rachel Brosnahan has a far simpler approach to beauty than Midge Maisel. In fact, the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star, who was just named the new brand ambassador for Cetaphil, shared that her philosophy is "less is more." 

"It's something I learned from my mom and from the makeup artists I've worked with throughout the years. We're kind of living in a time where more is more, which actually feels vintage in a way. In the 1950s, more is definitely more for Midge and I feel like there’s this misconception that you're not glamorous unless you have tons and tons of makeup on. I don't think that's true. To each their own, but for me, I like to use makeup to either enhance the parts that I think are beautiful about myself or to experiment and have fun, but I don't think that you need a ton of products to do that," she shared with PureWow exclusively.

As for advice Midge would give Rachel? "Put a lip on, girl! Midge and I are really different when it comes to beauty, but I think it’s important to highlight that we both do what feels good to us. I feel like we need to judge each other a lot less for our choices and how we choose to express ourselves through fashion and hair and makeup. For Midge, looking like the ideal 1950s housewife makes her feel great. It's not a burden. To me, that feels like a burden—to do that much hair and makeup—whereas I like being able to get ready quickly and enjoy what limited free time I have in the day rather than spending that time getting ready."

All hail the marvelous Mrs. Brosnahan!

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