The First Cordless Infrared Hair Dryer Is Here

From 3D-printed face masks to magnetic lashes, there has been no shortage of innovation in the beauty industry. And now, we can add the first-ever cordless and infrared hair dryer to that growing list of greatness. (Thank you, science.)

Meet the VOLO Go, which uses infrared light and heat to penetrate the thickest part of your hair so that it dries from the inside out (causing less damage overall). Powered by the same lithium-ion battery cells found in electric cars, the dryer is both energy efficient and powerful—boasting an average dry time of seven minutes. 

Best of all: Weighing just over two pounds with no annoying cord, you can finally walk around your house while drying your hair. Brb, heading to their Kickstarter page to get this thing in our hands, stat. 

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