Neutrogena Is Launching Custom 3D-Printed Face Masks Because It's 2019 and the Future Is Here

At one time, sheet masks were the hip, new skin care trend that you might not have tried yet. Now, they’re kind of old hat. Neutrogena is about to change that.

The brand just announced that it’s launching MaskiD, an app that will create a customized 3D map of your face using your phone’s 3D camera…and in turn, a sheet mask that fits like it was made just for you (because it was). We’re talking mouth and eye openings that actually align with yours, so your self-care ritual is less Hannibal Lecter and more Korean spa.

But the masks don’t stop at shape—they’re also customized in ingredients. After mapping your face, you’ll be able to choose treatments based on concerns in different areas. Dry chin and oily forehead? Solved. And if you happen to have the brand’s Skin360 device, you can analyze your complexion for recommendations. (If not, there’s an easy questionnaire.)

Best of all, the masks (which launch sometime this fall) will have the same drugstore price as the rest of the brand. And while customized skin care isn’t an entirely new concept, we still feel a thrill of excitement when we think about slapping vitamin C on our cheeks and hyaluronic acid on our nose at the same time.


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