Dove Just Launched Its First Aluminum-Free Deodorant, and Can We Get a Sniff Check?

Whether you already swear by natural deodorant or are a drugstore-brand devotee, Dove has big news.

The skin care company just launched its first 0 percent aluminum deodorant, and regardless of where you stand on the aluminum deo debate, it’s worth a try.

The new line, which comes in four scents (Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena, Cucumber & Green Tea, Coconut & Pink Jasmine, and Blue Fig & Orange Blossom), retails for $6.

To be clear, these aren’t antiperspirants you might be used to from your typical drugstore brand names, so they won’t keep you from sweating. The aluminum in most antiperspirants is what blocks your armpit glands from producing sweat. Without aluminum, deodorant just blocks the odor that comes with your perspiring self.

Many natural deodorant brands don’t contain aluminum due to its potentially harmful side effects (although the word is still out on whether slathering chlorohydrate, parabens, propylene glycol and triclosan under your arms once a day is causing any serious harm). And Dove isn’t boasting any natural non-paraben or non-toxic aspects (so it’s not going to replace your Megababe stick, if that’s what you’re thinking).

However, it is one step toward bigger brands rethinking consumer habits about cleaner, better-for-you beauty.

Phew, with all this talk of pits, we’re gonna need to do a quick check. *Sniffs armpits at desk*

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