Venus Williams Did a Q&A on Instagram and Sister Serena Came in with a Funny (and NSFW) Question

We love it when our favorite celebs open up their inboxes for questions, and this past weekend, Venus Williams, 42, put up a Q&A on her Instagram Story, where she urged fans to ask her anything. And while she got all sorts of questions, it was a surprise response from her sister, Serena, 41, that really caught our attention.

In comical fashion, the question that Serena posed was: “Do you have a big bum bum?” And although we would have assumed that this joke came from a fan, Venus (who sees the senders of each question) called out the reply as typical little sister behavior.

Venus and Serena Williams.
Venus Williams/Instagram

“A prime example of @serenawilliams being a little sister,” Venus wrote in response to the question. However, the elder Williams sister still offered an answer to the inquiry, writing, “The answer? Not like yours ;).”

Along with this cheeky response (no pun intended), Venus also included a photo of her and her sis sporting black fishnet tights and underwear, which offered a clear view of their *ahem* behinds.

But, all jokes aside, it's clear these siblings still have a very close relationship, which is why they like to tease each other on social media.

When they're not comparing bums, the sisters have often challenged each other on the tennis court, with both having being ranked No. 1 by the Women's Tennis Association at different points throughout their respective careers. Meanwhile, the two have also competed together as doubles, and just last month, Venus shared a photo to her account (seen above), where she said, “The gang got back together [hearts emoji] Divas of doubles @serenawilliams #usopen.”

Venus and Serena Williams.
Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Back in 2018, Venus discussed her relationship with Serena in an interview with Today, where she said, “The thing people don't know about my relationship with Serena is that she's very protective. Even as the younger sister, she's very protective.”

“Serena still copies everything that I do, but I also copy everything that she does,” Venus added with a laugh. “It's a co-dependency.”

We love these sisters (and their jokes).

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