Genius! Venmo Now Lets You Withdraw Money from Your an ATM

Rent, utilities, paying your roommate back for the bottle of wine she bought you two weeks ago… Our Venmo app is a godsend when it comes to easily splitting up expenses because, not sure about you, but we never have cash.

The virtual wallet just upped its game with the launch of a new Venmo debit card this week. Yep, you can now carry a Venmo-branded Mastercard in your wallet to access your Venmo balance. This way, you can easily cash out from an ATM or use it to buy other things (with no extra fee) like canned rosé (in case they don’t accept Venmo like this brand does). 

The card, which comes in six cute solid colors (white, yellow, pink, blue, green and black), is accepted wherever Mastercard is taken and comes with a security chip and enabled contactless payment.

The card doesn’t cost anything to sign up via the Venmo app or website, and your purchases will show up in your Venmo app just like normal. It’ll give you the option to split card purchases with friends and will default to “private.”

Because, not everyone has to know you purchased a Domino’s pizza at 3 a.m. 

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