You Can Now Hail a Submarine to Explore the Great Barrier Reef Through Uber

Hail a cab? Honey, this is 2019 and we're about to hail a submarine.

In a partnership between Uber and Australian tourist group Tourism Queensland, you can now book a scUber, a submarine that will take you through Australia's Great Barrier Reef (sans snorkeling gear or scuba license).

Here's how it works: Starting May 27 and lasting through June 18 in select Queensland cities, you can book a scUber ride for two through the Uber app, which includes helicopter rides to and from the mainland. From there, you'll go on a one-hour tour through the Great Barrier Reef to see all the marine life and underwater ecosystems you can handle. All for a cool $3,000 AUD (which is about $2,000 USD). But you can also enter to win a scUber trip vacation package.

According to an official press release, the launch of scUber supports the “ongoing protection and conservation of the world's largest coral reef system through Uber’s partnership with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.” The reef itself has suffered a lot of damage recently, but plans have been proposed to help repair the ecosystem (like the Reef 2050 Plan). 

According to Uber, the scUber experience will be available first on Heron Island (off the eastern coast of Australia in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region) from May 27, before moving north to Agincourt Reef from June 9 onward.

One question: How much do you tip a submarine driver?

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